Friday, December 5, 2014

Seek, Receive, Follow, Repeat

November 29, 2014

Hey Family! 

So this week in the office...
Well... our system to put in the baptismal record has been broken for a couple weeks and when I tried to fix it, another problem always came up. So finally, I called Salt Lake (Now I have memorized just about all of the help specialists for the South America area), and after an hour and a half on the phone, it is fixed now! So now I have like 70 baptismal records from the last 2 weeks to fill.

I have so much to be grateful for. Most of all, I am so grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ. He is so endlessly patient with me and strengthens me in ways I don't even know. I am so grateful to be able to serve Him and have the new opportunity everyday to be a little more like Him. I am SO grateful that I am here in His service. P-day has come to be my least favorite day of the week, because I just want to work, and do something more to help someone come unto the Savior. 

To celebrate, we had lunch with a member, and everyone at the table shared what they were grateful for. They made us "bombas de papa" or in english, potato bombs. They are like balls of mashed potatoes with ham and cheese in the middle, then fried. They are SO good. so that was a thanksgivingish meal. Then we went to get icecream at my favorite icecream place for dessert. Elder Engebretsen even put up a sign on the wall to write what we are grateful for, so it was a great Thanksgiving. 

So things in proselyting are good, but we aren't having the success we should to have. Before, when I first got to the offices, the Lord blessed us with so many miracles that were easy to see, like Ricardo and the familia R who were baptized. So now it is kind of a reality check that it isn't always that easy. Even though it isn't that easy, the miracles haven't ceased, they just come differently. So this week, we received the miracle of revelation.
 First, I felt distinctly that we need to be super efficient with our time, only using our time with people who really are going to progress. So, we went out at 6 to work, and worked, worked, worked, being as efficient as we could be, not wasting time and…we didn't find any of the elect we were looking for. But we came back, and I got on my knees, received more. The next day I felt that I should have a greater focus on Christ, in EVERY contact, it has to be centered on Christ. So I applied it that day and felt the spirit more the whole night. We talked with a ton of people about Christ, but...still didn't find those we were looking for. So we are in the same point that Nephi was in when he was trying to get the plates for the 3rd time. I know we will find the ELECT! I really have no doubts. It is just a matter of continuously seeking, receiving, and acting upon revelation, even when the results aren't immediate. So there is a lot of work to do, but the miracles have not ceased, and they won't. :)  

Success doesn't always come immediately, but if we are diligent in seeking new revelation, it will come. 

I love you all so much! Have a great week! 


Elder Tenney

The Lord will provide a way.

Nov. 22, 2014

Hey family! 
This week was great. It has been crazy. The day after Elder Christofferson was transfers. So the craziness just kept going. Transfers are awesome. There are SO many things that have to be done and remembered, so it is always exciting. I messed up a lot this time and forget several important things, but the good thing is that all the new missionaries that were supposed to come are here, and all the ones going home made it home, so all is well.

Funny story from a couple weeks ago. So we had to do a delivery at night in downtown BsAs. It was in the apartment of Sisters, who live on the 10th floor. So they came down and gave us the keys and waited there while we brought the dresser up to the 10th floor (yes, luckily there was an elevator). Anyways, so we got to the 10th floor, it´s kind of late already, then we are trying to open the door with the key, but it didn't fit, so my companion tried it...still didn't fit, as we tried forcing it in, which shook the door and made loud noises. Then I looked up at the apartment number, "Hey, uh what was the apartment number?" I asked... "2" as we looked up to see "4" on the door we were at. so my companions, who were holding the wardrobe with me, dropped it and ran haha. So I was there outside this apartment holding the wardrobe alone. haha. But then they came back and helped me. 

In other news, I had the best icecream I have ever had in Argentina. It is amazing. it is like an icecream that looks like it came from willy wonka or something like that. It is huge! probably like a foot and a half tall. So good... I will send pictures. 

So the familia R (who is the miracle family from a couple months ago) is going through some struggles. They haven't been to church in 3 weeks because something else always comes up. Really, the root of the problem is that they don't have the support from the parents. The parents love the church and everything. They want to be baptized and they go to church, but they aren't determined to do it. So we had a lesson with them this week. 1st, we just listened to their problems. It is hard, because we can see so easily that all these "huge problems" are just excuses from Satan to not keep the commandments, but it is easier to see when you're not the one it is happening too. As they spoke, we could feel exactly what they needed. The key is the parents. We felt guided to teach about the commandment to keep the sabbath day holy. I have never taught it like we taught it then. Basically, we directed most of it to Alverto, the father, we helped him to feel 1st of all that this came from God, himself, and 2nd, that he has the ability to immensly bless the life of his entire family if he keeps this commandment.  The spirit was so strong. I knew he felt that this came from God. At the end, he began to tell us about his work schedule and how it was not possible to go every Sunday, he said God gave him this job to provide for his family and he has to do it. In that moment, it would have been so easy to do what is most comfortable and tell him he is right, just do the best you can, come when you don't have to work. But I thought, "What would Christ say if he were here?" and I know he would never say, "it´s okay..." to breaking the commandments of God. So we read in Mosiah 13 again, when it talks about in 6 days the Lord created the entire earth and every creation. He said he believed that. So we asked him, "if God did all of this in 6 days, do you believe that He can provide the way for you to live this commandment?" He paused, and said, "well...yeah...but...I just don't know."...."Alverto," I said, "your family needs you. You have the power to bless and completely change the life of your entire family in your hands. I know you want that.... I testify, as a representative of Jesus Christ, that HE can provide the way for you to live this commandment and to help your entire family." The spirit was super strong. I pray that He lives it, so that the kids can grow up faithful. 

Being in the offices is such a challenge. It is a challenge to have success when we have so little time in our area, but I love it. I love the opportunity to grow. I have felt many times this week the phrase, "I´m not done with you yet." I know that is true, there is so much more the Lord has for me to do and even more for me to become. So I won't slow down, because there is a great work to do. I love the Lord and His work. 

Have a great week! 


Elder Tenney

Foto: I dont have a picture of me with it, but here is Elder Engebretsen with his. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Elder Christofferson Visit, November 15, 2014

So this morning we had the mission conference with Elder Christofferson. It was great. 
This week was super busy getting ready for all of it. They have been working on the chapel for the last 2 months to prepare for this visit, which is kind of funny. They redid the roof, parts of the bathroom, and deep cleaned everything in preparation for it. 
I have never slept so little in one week in my whole life. (and don't worry, all of this is within President's approval)  It was so amazing how I always had the energy and strength to do all the things I needed to do. One night, after finishing all the prep stuff I was doing, it was super super late, and I had to finish putting in the baptismal records. I had put in like 30 and had 3 more. My eyes were closing as I tried so hard to keep them open to finish the last record. Finally, I finished, pushed save, and literally in the moment, just colapsed and fell asleep on my desk. I finished all of them. His grace is so real! 
Then today, after sleeping very little and fasting, I had the energy to stay awake during the whole meeting and receive the revelation I needed. Everything went super well. The West mission also came so we had plans for them and it was a lot of work, but there were so many tender mercies and it went so smoothly. 

Elder Christofferson visit.  Elder Engebretsen, our friend from Philly,  is next to Elder Tenney & Elder Christofferson.  

So the conference with Elder Christofferson was incredible. It was ALL about repentance. It was amazing to me because it was so singularly focussed and direct. I left with very clear guidance and exactly what I know the Lord wanted me to hear. I know He is a prophet of God. He literally said exactly what I was telling Heavenly Father I needed to hear. He said some great things. He said,"I used to think, 'how much more time before the Lord comes?' but my wife helped me to learn that what we lack is not time, but a prepared people." So it is not so much a matter of time, but a matter of who we are. 
Ah, now that it is all over, I am super tired. I look back on the whole week, and it all kind of blends together. But the word that pops into my mind thinking about this week isn't "sleep" or "tired" or even "Elder Christofferson" it is "GRACE". There are so many miracles I do not see and I do not notice, that I want to. There is so much He does for me that I overlook. But one thing I cannot deny and cannot look over is His grace. I felt His grace physically. I felt it intelectually, to remember all the important little and big things that we needed to do. I felt His grace spiritually, filling me with His Spirit even though there were so many opportunities to get stressed out.   
I know Christ lives. I love Him and am so grateful and amazed by His grace. 

I love you all! Have a great week!


Elder Tenney
 P.S.  (A note he sent to Courtney after writing the note above)  

Part 1:  Sorry I don't have time! Elder Christofferson is about to enter the office and I have to leave!!!
Part 2:
Woah. So when I sent that, I was partially joking. I didn't think he was literally coming in that second. I thought it was in several minutes. But he really came into the office, right when I sent that. And I met him and shook his hand and talked with him. We took a picture. He lived in Indiana for a while when he was in the military. I could feel the spirit just in shaking His hand. What an amazing experience. I know He is a man of God.

Elder Valerdi and I !
This other one is President's office here that they converted into the waiting room for Elder Christofferson. They told us we couldn't go in and we shouldn't even open the door (this was taken after). I think that place was cleaner than the temple. 

A five year-old Mayweather fan. November 8, 2014

Hey family!

So today in the morning we had to go buy things for the conference this week which took a while. Then President called us and invited us to go skateboarding haha. President is awesome. Therefore we didn't have time to write. So President gave us permission to write now. 

So the most exciting news of the week. A new assistant was called this week. We work a ton with the assistants and have Pday together, so we are really good friends. So last night the new assistant walked in and it was....ELDER ENGEBRETSEN! Which is amazing. My whole mission I have hoped we'd be able to serve together and now we will. (for those who don't know, Elder Engebretsen is a really good family friend who is in the same mission). So I am super excited and grateful to serve with him. It is so crazy...

This week we had the leadership council. I had been praying and preparing for it for several weeks. So we have a list that we work with of all of the converts for the last 6 months where you can fill out if they have a calling, priesthood, are going to church, and if they have been retaught the lessons. Then every week the missionaries in each ward update the list for converts from their ward. It is an amazing tool to use to work with the wards and stakes. but the problem is that the missionaries haven´t been very good in updating it, therefore it isn't accurate. I fasted this last week to know what I can do to help the mission improve. Then that same night, I found an error in the formulas that are used, that caused that a lot of the informartion was incorrect. It took a ton of time to fix it all, but it was a blessing because now it works better. Then, in the leadership council, I felt so guided and at peace in my part of the meeting. I really felt the spirit testifying of the Love of the Lord for the people on that list. So the Lord blesses me with so many miracles. 

So, there isn't a ton more to tell...this week there was a little 5 year old girl who asked me where I was from,"the United States" "oh..." she said slightly confused. I tried to help her, "its the same place where...hmmm......who would be a famous person you would know..." she cut me, "Mayweather is from your country, right?" haha. I, slighly in shock responded, "uh...yeah... he is." haha. So this 5 year old girl apparently is a boxxing fan. 

I am happy. I love to serve the Lord. I know He lives. Have a great week!!!


Elder Tenney

How You Serve, Nov.1, 2014

Hola Familia! 

It blows my mind how fast every day and every week is passing by. I was super busy this week. I don't even think I'll have time for P day today, I have so much to do. I love it. It is the greatest feeling knowing that in all I do I am serving Jesus Christ. Even if I am just doing things on a computer most of the time, the things that I am doing help people to come unto Christ. It is such a priviledge. 

We didn't have a ton of time for proselyting this week because there was so much to do in the office and all over the mission. Elder Christofferson is coming here in 2 weeks so I am super busy planning all of that. The Church sent us the guidelines for his visit and it is super interesting all of the specific things we need to do. 

Let's see... one night we were doing a delivery to some Elders. We were on our way home, when we saw blue lights behind us, and heard the sirens of the police. We stopped. I am used to the US when the police man comes up to your window, so we waited. After 30 seconds or so, they yell to us, "get out of the car," As they hide behind their open doors with their hands ready on their guns. We got out, super confused, and then saw relief come to their faces. "Oh, we are so sorry, we didn't know it was you guys."  They went on to explain to us how we had been driving the wrong way on a one way road (which we didn't even know haha. We were just following the GPS). But they told us there was no problem and let us go. It was super funny. 

Last Sunday, we were passing by investigator's houses in the morning to go to church with them. We passed by someone who had commited to go. We arrived and there was a man in the house on the 2nd floor, who stuck his head out the window. We asked for our investigator, and he told us, "uh...she's not here...she left to Paraguay yesterday." (this happens a lot). We told him, "Well, we're pretty sure she's here because we talked with her just last night and she told us to pass by in the morning." He paused..."well... she´s in Paraguay."  and closed the window haha. Then we kept clapping to see if she would come out, finally the same guy came down to knock on her door to tell her. He was speaking louder than he realized, he said, "yeah there are 2 guys here who said they are here to go to church with you...yeah... theres es un americano feo (one of them is an ugly american)." hahaha. She didn't go to church, but the man said he might go this next week. 

All the things that happened this week were just office things that aren't too exciting to tell haha, So I am sorry if this letter is boring. There is a quote from an apostle that has truly been coming alive for me recently, "It doesn't matter where you serve, but HOW you serve." I truly am trying to magnify my calling and serve in the best way I can. Sometimes thoughts of being in the field flood my mind, but never without the spirit whispering "this is where you are supposed to be." I may not be testifying of Christ with my words out all the time like I was before, but I can testify of Christ everyday in the way I serve. I have a vision of the good that can be done in this position. There is an opportunity to elevate the vision of retention which can be the difference of a soul in Heaven. I know there is so much good the Lord has prepared for each one of us to do.

I know Christ lives. I love to serve Him. 

Have a super awesome week!


Elder Heath Tenney

Buenos Airesss

The week go by so fast. Oct. 25, 2014

October 25, 2014


This week was great. I feel so much joy each day. Really, even when disappointments happen, the frustration passes so quick and is swallowed up in the joy.  

So this week it was amazing to see the transformation in Ricardo after his confirmation. He is serving everyone all the time now. He is smiling more and more. He goes with us to visit investigators. This man is amazing. I love him.

This week passed by so quick and we were so busy, but I don’t remember a lot that happened.

The Lord is blessing us with so many miracles. There have been lots of people this week who seem super elect and they are super excited when we 1st talk to them, but then the next day when we passed by, something had happened and they didn’t want to go to church anymore. So that is hard, It is amazing how much love one can feel for someone they met just a day before, but man, it hurts when I see them make that choice. But I know the the Lord has it all in His hands. There is nothing to worry about. He will keep the miracles coming.

I love this work. I love being here. There is no place I’d rather be. I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week! 


Elder Tenney

Monday, October 20, 2014

True Conversion October 18, 2014


Last Sunday was one of the greatest days ever. Ricardo was baptized. He is a suepr interesting guy. He doesn't really show his emotions and he doesn't have one of his fingers (not that those two are related at all...but just a fun fact). And after his baptism, I heard him saying several different times, "Wow! What an incredible experience." And he was even smiling in the end. It was so cool. One of the most beautiful miracles in life is to see someone start to smile more, not just the act of smiling, but when you can see the smile is real. It is not about the smile with the mouth and teeth, but the joy comes from the changes that that smile reflects. Really, that is why I want to be here most. I just want to see people happy. And true, lasting happiness comes from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So Ricardo is amazing.

Later on Sunday, we taught the familia R about missionary work and why it is so important to share what we have. They were super impacted by it. We gave them all a piece of paper and asked them to write any names that came to mind. Every single one of them wrote 2 or 3 names, and not just that, they were asking us when we could go to visit them. And every single one of them had one of the same names on their list, Alberto. He is the dad of the family. They all want to badly for him to start going to church with them. They are praying for him and he started to read the Book of Mormon this week :) miracles. The most incredible of all was Priscila (the 9 year old who had 2 pages of notes from conference). When we asked her who was on her list, she had 14 people with whom she wanted to share the gospel. Some of them were neighbors, others were friends from school. She didn't know where some of them lived, so we gave her pass along cards to give to them at school. Then for an hour and a half or so, we divided up with a member and members of the family to go and visit the people whom they had written on their papers. It was so incredible. As I was experiencing it all, the thought came to my mind, "this is true conversion." Sometimes we think true conversion comes from experience or even just over time, but they are evidence that experience is not a factor. 
Then on Monday night, the familia R invited us over for dinner. They wet through so much sacrifice to make it for us. They made like 8 gallons of fruit salad and cooked a ton of asado for us. They really were priviledged to do it. They thanked us so much for coming just to be with them and eat their food. It is so humbling to see that kind of love and service. 

This week we found an awesome investigator named Alan. He is great. The Lord is blessing us with so many miracles. Even though we only have 3 hours to work everyday in our area, He makes up the difference. He blesses us with so many miracles. The miracles of amazing members to work with us. And amazing investigators who are so prepared. I love the Lord so much. I know He lives and is SO involved in this week.

I am living the dream. I love every moment. Have an amazing week!


Elder Tenney

fotos: baptism of Ricardo!
Today for P day we went down to the "beach". Its not really a beach, but it is cool. We took a lot of pictures. 

His Limitless Miracles, Oct. 11, 2014

October 11, 2014

Hey family! 

This week was amazing. It was filled with so many beautiful and distinct miracles. Everyday is such an adventure. I am so overwhelmingly grateful to be here. Oh and I will attach the pictures of the baptism from last week too!  

So on Tuesday we had transfers, which is super busy and crazy. There is so much to do for that, so that was a lot of fun work. 

STICK SHIFT: So last week I was super stressed by it. It seemed like I could never feel comfortable driving stick shift and I felt dumb because it isn't so hard for everyone else. I was praying a lot for the grace of the atonement to be able to learn how to do it, because Elder Heaton was about to leave and he was the only one who could drive. We went out to practice, and before we went, Elder Heaton said, "do you want to say a prayer first?", so we said a prayer and I pleaded for Heaven's help and protection. Then when we went out it was incredible, it was so much easier, I felt so much more confident and at peace. I felt completely different than the first few days. It changed in just a moment. I know it is through the atonement of Jesus Christ. It doesn't matter if it is overcoming addiction, finding forgiveness, or learning to drive stickshift, His grace is limitless and so powerful. There is nothing we cannot overcome through HIS grace. 

Last night, we went to deliver a bed to some Elders in Capital, right down town where there are all the tourists places and trafic is crazy. It was so incredible. Look up "9 de Julio, Buenos Aires" in google images and you will see the street of like 16 lanes that I drove on last night. It is such an incredible experience. Never in my life did I think I would ever be in Buenos Aires, driving through the city. 

The adventure of Thursday: So Thursday, we had to go out to Zarate (the zone furthest away in the mission). We first had to deliver a bed, then go to pick up an Elder who had to go to the hospital close to the mission home, the next day. The roads here, especially outside of the city, hardly have any lines. So I missed the exit like 3 times haha. FInally we got to pick up the Elder and his brand new companion fresh from the MTC, then we headed back. It was really late, everyone was sleeping, and it began to sprinkle...then a little harder....a little harder...and eventually it was pouring. I could hardly see anything and the roads here don't really have a drainage system for the rain, so there were just huge puttles. I was on the edge of my seat, driving so carefully. I told myself, "I am getting off at the next exit, but I couldn't even see the lines so I couldn't exit so easily. So I kept going... and the 3 Elders in the backseat had no idea what was going on as they slept haha. Finally, we got off the highway, and were 10 minutes away from home. I still could hardly see anything. We got close and now in the city where we live. I turned down the street we always turn on, and suddenly I could hear the water rushing beneath the car. I breaked, but the car wouldn't stop. I had no control. I wasn't going fast, so it stopped. But then the engine shut off. I opened the door, and the door was touching the water outside the car. We were in a river of water. The Elders awoke to see that we were stuck in a huge river of water. I tried to start the car and it wouldn't start up. I prayed. And prayed. and prayed some more. Then tried again, as the water levels were slowly rising. Finally, the car started, and miracuously I could somehow get control and back out of this flooded street. Really, it was a miracle. I thought for sure we were stuck. Adventurous Miracles!!! So after that night, it has been pretty much easy to drive stick shift in anything else, so that is a blessing too!

The greatest miracle of all is Ricardo. We found Ricardo on my 2nd day here. When we first talked  with him, he didn't seem well. He looked rough, messy hair, white beard, and missing parts of his fingers. He didn't show a ton of interest and we left him a pamphlet and told him we would check to see how it went. The morning of conference, we passed by and he said he wanted to go and he was searching for change. So he went. Then Sunday, he went again, to both sessions. He began to read the Book of Mormon everyday. He said, "It frustrates me, because I don't remember anything I read." He didn't remember, but then as we taught him, he paused us to make a comment and taught even more than what we had taught. It amazes me. He even cleaned his house that he was ashamed to let us see. Now, he is commited to be baptized. He has transformed. He told me, "I am going to continue with this forever. There is no point in starting something and not keeping with it, because you will never know what you could have accomplished, and what you could have become. I am sticking with this." This man is incredible. In just weeks, we have seen the atonement transform him. Ah, I love that man so much. Faith, not understanding is what we need for the atonement to transform us. He is getting baptized tomorrow. 

I am happy. I am so grateful to be here. It is so cool to be here in the offices, driving through the city, eating in cool places, but my desire and my greatest joy by far is being a witness to conversion. There is nothing so beautiful.

I love you all so much! Have a great week! 


Elder Tenney 

General Conference, October 5, 2014


Time is flying by so fast. Normally I will write on Saturday, but this week was crazy and we didn't have time for Pday so I am writing this morning. 

General Conference has been amazing! I know that this is the Lord's church. Every word spoken is His word. President Monson is His prophet. The Lord answers prayers through His servants! 

This week was great. We had the mission temple trip this week so I was busy doing things in preparation for that and also for transfers this week. 

Yesterday, before Conference, Elder Lines (senior Elder), took me out to drive, to teach me to drive in stick shift. I love that man so much. It is such a blessing to be with and learn so much from him and his wife. When we went out to drive, it reminded me a lot of driving with Mom when I was learning to drive. The only difference was when I was with Mom, she was worried and freaked out, and I was calm. This time, Elder Lines was kind of freaked out and worried, and I was too. haha. I think I had nightmares last night hearing screams of "CLUTCH! CLUTCH! CLUTCH!" I don't like stick shift at all. haha. It's not only that, but the adventure of learning stick shift AND learning to drive in Argentina, where no one follows traffic laws and there aren't stop signs, it is just "whoever gets there first". So it is an adventure, a painful one, but an adventure. But I know the atonement will get me through it. His grace has no limits! 

So on Monday, I spent 6 hours, all day basically, filling a spread sheet with all the numbers of every area of the mission, so that we could do an analysis and see where we can improve. I finally finished it, my brain was dead, I was tired, and I closed it...without saving. I felt so dumb. So, I learned the importance of stopping so I don't lose all I have done. Now every 5 minutes, I save, so I don't lose it all. 
Which is what I need to do with this time, with all my life. Sometimes we are so focussed on work work work, that we don't take the time to "save" it in our minds, we never take moments to feel the joy and remember this. The happiest moments on my mission are the moments when I pause for a second, and notice how incredible this moment is, when I am crying within myself " I never want to forget this." I just have to take the time to be amazed by the Lord's hand, and if I do it, it is all worth it, and no effort is wasted.  

I saw His hand this week with the familia R. This is the miracle family that we found on my 2nd day here. The parents are getting everything ready to get married (it is often a long legal process in Argentina) and in the meantime, the 4 children are getting baptized. They are incredible. Really. In my entire life, I have never seen children like this. 1st they had only 1 book of Mormon, and they came home from school, literally sprinting so they could be the 1st one to read it. Melina read 8 chapters the 1st day we left it with them. Federico too. Then Orlando, who is 12, read 3 chapters from Alma and explained to us in detail the story of how the chief judge was killed. They leave me amazed everyday. Yesterday, their parents couldn't come and all 4 of them came ALONE to church to watch General Conference. Priscila, who is 9, took 2 pages of notes. 9 YEARS OLD! She showed me what she wrote and it was beautiful. Pure revelation. They are miracles. They are getting baptized today in between the sessions. 

I am happy. I am amazed by the Lord's hand. He does more than I will ever know. He strengthens me in ways I don't see. He is the light that does any good that I do. I know He lives. He is closer than we will ever know. This is His work. It is HIS Church. He is guiding it all. I love Him. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 

Have an amazing General conference! See His hand this week in your life. 

I love you all so much!


Elder Tenney

Week 1 in the Offices September 27, 2014


So in the offices, our P-day is on Saturday, so from now on , I will be writing on Saturdays.

This week was crazy.  I am still kind of in shock. It is crazy how in several hours everything can completely change. Life in the offices is such a change. Really, it is so different. But different isn’t bad, it is just different. It is a different stage, but you have to love every stage of life.

First of all, life in the offices. So for all of my mission, I have followed and come to love the daily Schedule that the prophet has given for missionaries (Wake up at 6:30, studies from 8 to 11, arrive home 9:00, in bed at 10:30).  And here, all of that is different (obviously with the approval of President). We are in the offices from the morning until 5 or 6 in the evening, then we go out to work. There are a lot of responsabilities that I now have: ingressing baptismal records, planning all the activities of the mission, the food, travel plans, analysis of mission numbers, and a lot of other things that I am learning. Elder Heaton, a good friend from my same group, has been the secretary and is training me for a couple of weeks before transfers. I am grateful for him and all that he is teaching me. It is crazy how bad my computer skills have become. Haha. I don’t remember anything about Excel or anything like that. Apart from all the tasks I do on the computer, my companion is the coordinador of living (the pensions/apartments of missionaries).
Also, Elder Pirez, one of my favorite companions, is one of the assistants, so he is here too. It is awesome to be with him again. I love Elder Pirez.

So for all the contracts for apartments and things like that, I go with him to do those things. Also, if someone in the mission needs something for their apartment, we bring it to them.  In the day, traffic is kind of crazy sometimes, so it is best to go at night when there isn’t as much traffic. So we drive to do the deliveries, so I now have my liscense to drive in Argentina, which is crazy. I am learning to drive in stick shift.

So life in the mission is a lot different now. Every day is an adventure. Even though it is a lot different, my purpose is still the same-to invite others to come unto Christ. So I am trying my best to always remember that and magnify that. From 6 to 9 when we are working, I need to be the best missionary I can be. During the day, I need to take every opportunity the Lord gives me to share His love and His light, whether that is with missionaries in the office or people with whom I associate. I just want to cherish and use the best I can this sacred time. I need to always remember the sacred stewardship I have, there is so much good the Lord can do if I just let him.

Miracles of the week! First of all, in Garin, Raul and Bety are getting baptized today! That is such a miracle for me. I love them so much. I wish I could be there.  Then this 1st week here, the Lord has blessed us with even more miracles. Yesterday, a former investigator called and told us to pass by, we taught her and she wants to be baptized now! So she is getting baptized this next week!

The Lord is good. Really, I am grateful for His perfect plan. Honestly, I was super sad to leave Garin. I really can’t remember a more emotionally wrenching time in my mission. But President really helped to to feel that this call was from the Lord and he helped me to see His vision for the mission and for me in this assignment. It is literally an eternal blessing to serve so closely with President and Sister Ayre. I have never met a couple with so much charity and so much vision. It is such a blessing to be here with the Lines, the senior couple here, they are incredible too. I am overwhelmed with blessings. I know this is the Lord’s plan so I can do what He wants me to do and Become who He wants me to become. 

He’s got it all in His hands. I love the Savior.

I love you all so much! Have a great week!


Elder Tenney

Fotos: We went to the temple one night for the sealing of the converts of Elder Heaton. It was so beautiful.
Driving through Buenos Aires. Really, I feel like I am in a dream everyday.
Elder Popocha y  yo. 

I Pray it Hurts September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014


This week was so great. It was filled with tender mercies. Naoto sent me a letter than helped me so much. He talked about how in these last 5 months I have, I have to rise to a new level and be the best missionary I have ever been. It really inspired me, and I feel like I did that this week. 

On Tuesday, all our plans fell through haha. We didn't have any members to help us out for the day, but I was determined to be the best I could be, and even more. We talked with a lot of people on the street, and normally I try to get a feel quickly to see if they are going to progress or not, and I still did that, but there was a difference in me this time. I tried to talk to them like it was my last opportunity ever to testify to them of the truth. When I looked at them in that way, I stopped judging with my mind, and started testifying with my heart. With every person we talked with, it wasn't just a "normal contact" this had to be an eternal moment for this person. Even if they didn't accept, I felt the spirit so strongly and I could honestly say I did everything I could for that person. The whole week I tried to do that. 

Cecilia was confirmed this week and we worked a lot with Raul, her husband. Raul is SO special. He has a hearing aid that doesn't work very well and he almost doesnt hear anything. So teaching him we have to yell and use a lot of drawings which is fun. He told us this week, "I told Jesus that if this is his way, help me to understand and to hear so I can follow it." And it has been incredible to see the answers to his humble prayer. He can hardly hear us, yet when we ask him to explain what we taught, he explains it perfectly and beautifully with even more than what we taught him. It blows me away. It is such a miracle. He reads everything we mark for him and explains what he read and how he is going to apply it in his life. Raul is SO special. I am so humbled that Heavenly Father trusted us with Raul and gave us the opportunity to learn from him and be inspired by him. He is getting baptized this Saturday! 

We taught Bety this week about the word of wisdom. She has been smoking a packet per day and has tried and tried before to quit, but siempre ends up falling back into it. We taught her about it this week, and she was doubtful. We told her that before she was just trying to quit alone, with her own strength, but now she can do it with the strength of Christ. She humbly asked us how she can receive His strength. "You only have to believe, ask him, and keep His commandments:" ..."I want to do it" she said. "Bety, will you exercise your faith in Jesus Christ, and live the word of wisdom starting right now?" we asked. She paused... laughed a little... and kept thinking..."ehhh. Yes. I'm going to do it." So she went and got her cigaretes and gave them to us. She hasn't smoked since. SO MUCH FAITH! She also is getting baptized this weekend. Bety is a miracle. 

Last night, President called at 10:30. He was talking with my companion and said he wanted to talk to me. I got out of bed, "Hello President!" He told me he had been thinking a lot about me recently and felt that I should be called to be his new secretary. So my bags are all packed and I leave now, in several minutes to the mission offices. It probably means I will finish my mission, the last 3 transfers there. So my time being a full time proselyting missionary in my own area is finished for now. 
I was praying just this week, praying for more love for these people and for the mission. I said "I want to love these people so much that it hurts to leave them." It's funny how fast He answers prayers... I cried and cried last night, knowing I have to leave these people in Garin. I can't describe with words how much I love them. All of them - the converts, members, investigators, and strangers. It is a love so deep I have never felt. I look into their eyes and I instantly love them so much and just want to help them, like I would want to help my own brother. It truly pains my soul to leave them, to not be there pouring out my heart for them everyday, to see the miracles in their lives. It is hard. But it is such a blessing to feel this love, it is something I can never forget. I have no reason to complain because I prayed it would hurt. I prayed I would feel like this. I know I gave all my heart for them and that fills me with peace. 
So now I am going to the offices and I am determined to give all my heart to this new assignment, a different assignment, but just as inspired at all my other assignments. 

I love being able to love and to serve like the Savior. I know HIS love is real. It is His love I feel. His   love gives me strength. He lives and He does it all. I love Him. 

I love this time


Elder Tenney

foto. Familia Guelet my favorite family. so great

Monday, September 15, 2014

Cecilia se bautiza September 15, 2014

Cecilia's Baptism

1st of all, the exclamtion point button doesn¨t work and the other marks dont work either. So if something is really exciting, Ill just write "exclamation point" haha. 
This week was a really dfiicult but beautiful week. I love every moment.
Cecilia. This week satan was working a ton on her. He did everything he could to stop her. She had family members telling her that it was too fast and that she couldnt do it. She was doubting...on Friday we had her interview and when we started, she said "Im not going to be baptized this week." We tried to help her see she was ready, but she was determined. We could see she was super stressed and not thinking clearly, so we gave her a blessing. Not much changed. We went through with the interview anyways. I left and Elder Estrada, a good friend from Mexico, did the interview. He was talking with her for 45 minutes...and I was praying. He finished the interview and Cecilia told me, "I-m getting baptized this Sunday." AhHh. I was so happy. She asked if I could baptize her. 
Sunday, the day of the baptism. She was nervous. We entered the warm water, I told her how everything would go. Still nervous, she said "Okay..." Then I lifted my arm to the square, "Cecilia Alicia Acuña Morales, Habiendo sido comisionado por Jesucristo, Yo te bautizo en el nombre del Padre, y del hijo, y del espiritu santo, amen." She came out of the water and didn-t let go of my arm, still had her eyes closed, and began to cry. Afterwards, I asked her how she was feeling, "I feel like I am flying" she told me. 
We are going to cook tacos as a zone so I need to go, but know that we are seeing miracles and working hard. I am determined to rise to a new level of dedication these last 5 months. This time is so precious.
I love you all so much.
Have a great week, exclamation point.
Elder Tenney

Cecilia y Raul
Sofia y yo

Don't be afraid to turn back, September 8, 2014


The atonement is real. I feel so much strength, patience, guidance, and love every day that comes from it. 

Things in the area are still kind of hard haha. We worked super hard this week, talking with everyone and all the members. The miracle of the week was Cecilia. She is like one of the investigators from the "preach my gospel" DVDs. We found her last Saturday. I was on exchanges with a brand new elder from New York, Elder Avalos. And we passed by just when she was outside and said hello, then kept going. After several steps, I turned back to talk with her and I am so grateful I turned back. 

We left her with 2 nephi 31 to read, afterwards we asked her how she felt as she read it, she said, "I felt something right here (pointing to her heart), it was a peace, I can't explain. But it comes...and then goes. But I just want it to stay, but it goes." Then we asked her, "what do you think God was trying to tell you through these verses?". She answered, "I feel like He is telling me He wants me to be baptized...but just give me some time." So we prayed and prayed for her, then 2 days ago, she told us, "I have good news." my companion responded jokingly, "you are going to be baptized now?" "yes!" she responded excitingly. "I was in the doctors office thinking about it, and I felt something telling me, 'you should do it.' so I am going to be baptized." Miracles!!! The spirit does everything. Cecilia has so much faith. We taught the word of wisdom and she said without hesitation, "wow, so now I'm not going to drink coffee anymore." so much faith! 

 So lesson learned, don't be afraid to turn back. The atonement was made to give us second chances. One of the greatest lies of satan is, "it's too late." Sometimes he tells us it is too late to help people, too late to serve, or too late to change, but it's not too late, it's never too late. 

Cecilia gets baptized this next week! Please pray for her and for Garin! :)

Have an awesome week!


Elder Tenney

foto: Elder Loza, mi amigo.

Two Limones

September 1, 2014


This week was memorable. I am so so grateful to be in Garin. President told me that this will for sure be my last transfer, so I am trying to give everything I can to Garin these last 6 weeks. So I have been here a little over 5 months and we have been so blessed with a lot of success. Now I look at the lists of less active members, former investigators, and active members, and I have literally passed by every single one multiple times. I have talked with every single active member in the area asking for referrals or neighbors. So this week was rough, because honestly I had no idea what more to do, but somehow the Lord always does incredible things even when we have no idea what we are doing. 

Thursday...we passed by a few less actives whom I had not passed by in a long time and did EVERYTHING we could to find the elect there. We asked everyone whom we could visit. We visited a ton of people and even started knocking doors of neighbors (which we don't do in this mission, but really there was nothing else we could do and we just wanted to teach someone). At the end of the day, we had talked with like 60 new people, but not one of them was ready to accept the gospel. Finally we ended the day with 0 new investigators that we prayed and worked so earnestly to find. We didn't have new investigators, but one guy did give me a couple of lemons from his lemon tree, so that was a success at least. 
That night, in planning, I had nothing, no idea at all what to do, so I just prayed and begged Heavenly Father to guide me, and He did. That day we found Cecilia! Then we passed by Daiana, whom we hadn't seen in weeks and we found her! She was still reading the Book of Mormon and wants to be baptized. 2 miracles and 2 lemons. 
Saturday was very similar to thursday, we did everything. All the plans we had fell through. It was a long day. It was 5:30pm and my body felt like it was 10:30pm, ready to colapse. My spirit was exhausted. The thoughts of sleep came rushing into my head, but something inside me always reminds me there is something much more important to do, so I looked up and told myself, "I'm not tired. I'm not tired. I'm not tired." and kept going. Finally, we met Ana, a neighbor of a less active member. The natural man in me still cried for rest, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually, but the most important thing in the world to me in that moment was Ana. We were outside, talking to her through her fence, and I poured out my heart. "Jesucristo le ama." Jesus Christ loves you.  I said. "and because He loves you, he has placed his Church here on the earth to bless you and your family, to help you feel peace." I looked into her eyes and I knew she felt it. She felt it was true. The spirit filled my heart. She told us she wanted to go to the church. 

After a long hard week, Heavenly Father blessed me with tender mercies on Sunday. First of all, Victor blessed the sacrament for the 1st time. Moments like that I will never forget. Ariel was confirmed yesterday, received the aaronic priesthood, and that night went with us to visits. Without us even saying anything, he testified to our investigator, telling her about how he lost his dad, and his house has always been broken. He didnt   even want to be in his house at times, but when he started to go to church, to read the Book of Mormon, and to pray, he changed. He felt peace. "I know that the Church of Jesus Christ, this church, is the right church...thats all..." It was hard not to cry. It was one of the most powerful testimonies I have heard on my mission. There was nothing more we could say to invite the spirit more so we ended the lesson there. Miracles... This 12 year old kid just 3 weeks ago took everything like a joke, now he is a worthy priesthood bearer.

I love seeing the atonement in these people and feeling it in me. I know it is real. Hard times now are not just hard times, they are an opportunity to use the atonement, an opportunity to be more like Him. I am so grateful for these times, because there is no time like this ever again. 

I love you all so much

Full of gratitude,

Elder Heath Tenney

Transfers and Lost Converts, August 26, 2014

August 26, 2014


This week was awesome. We had transfers this morning. My new companion is Elder Alfaro, de Chile! He is a stud. I am so excited to be with him. 

This last week with Elder Mederos was amazing. We worked so hard. He really finished his mission well. We were so blessed this week. Sunday, a ton of people came to church for the baptism of Ariel. Every area in the zone had someone in church which was a miracle. It was just an amazing Sunday. 

That night we had the farewell for the departing missionaries. We went in bus. When we were on our way back. We got off the bus, and the member we were with, Aldana, looks at us and says, "where is Martin?" We turned around as the bus was pulling away. This 8 year old kid was left alone sleeping on a bus heading far away. Miracuously there were other elders from the zone on the bus still so we called them and were able to find Martin. But it was an adventure running after the bus haha. 

We are seeing miracles here. I am so excited to be here in Garin 6 more weeks. This place is about to exploddeee even more! I love the Lord. It is such a priviledge to serve Him. 

Sorry this is super short. I don't have much time nor cool stories from the week haha. I promise to have cooler stories next week. 

Love you all!

Elder Tenney

Monday, August 18, 2014

la tristeza del amor August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014


This morning Elder Peralta left. So now we are a normal companionship. He has grown so much in our time together. I love him. It is weird to not be in a trio now. I love my companions. 

This week was great. We had several inconveniences that got in the way of the work that was hard. We had a couple days where we didn't have much time to work. But in the time we did, we did all we could and the Lord blessed us a lot. I just love work. There is no greater feeling than just giving everything you can to an important cause. 

First of all, Lautarooo. His confirmation was yesterday. It was 9:05 and he hadn't arrived yet... we were kind of worried. Then suddenly he comes running in (literally). His hair was crazy, his cloths were dirty with tears in them, but he was smiling. It didn't bother anyone because they know of the sacrifice he is making. He is doing this all alone. He lives in horrible circumstances now that he is living with his mom again. He comes to church with an empty stomach and I have no idea when the last time he ate was... but he is happy and so faithful. I felt the spirit so strongly when he just entered the room. I love him so much. 

Sunday, church was super good. I learned so much from the talks. I felt the spirit a lot, but I was in pain. I looked around the room and I rejoiced for the converts and less active members that were there. But, I was heart broken by the converts that weren't there. It really amazes me how much it hurts. Before my mission, I never felt or imagined pain like that, but it hurts. I love these people SO much and want so badly for them to return with us to be with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and if they don't come to take the sacrament and renew their covenants, they aren't on the path to get there. But after church I decided to put my pain to the side and just work to help them repent and get better. 
It is amazing to have these feelings and these experiences. I am learning that part of true love is feeling true pain in times . This pain isn't something bad, it's part of the love, but what is bad is to let it consume you. To let it overcome you to start thinking of yourself and impead you from serving others the best you can. 

Later after church, I prayed that the converts that had not gone could feel the difference that no going to church made so that they can learn and repent. That was totally answered with Victor. He felt super bad and wanted to do something for God to show his sorrow. So he asked if he could go with us to visit people. We did divisions and Victor went with me. It was amazing to see his countenance change as he served.In one of the lessons he bore such a powerful testimony. I finished testifying of the importance of the sacrament to a man who needs a lot of help and I told him that he will feel God's love if he takes the sacrament. When I finished, without me saying anything, Victor said, "I testify of the words of my companion..." and bore a SUPER powerful testimony. Ah, it was amazing. It is such a miracle to be able to stay in an area to see not just the baptism, confirmation, and first time to the temple of converts, but see him become a missionary. So much joy. 

This morning I was pondering...and I really feel like the luckiest person in the world. It is SO incredible to be here. I love it. I love the pain, I love the hard times, I love the people, I love it all. 

Have a super great week!!!


Elder Tenney


Aug. 12,  2014


Yesterday we went to the capital because it was the 2nd to last P day of Elder Mederos, so we didn't have time to write. So Sorry if this is short! 

I LOVED the pictures of Garrett and Jamisyn. I am so happy for them. The day of the wedding was hard because I couldn't be there but still so happy for them. 

So I don't know if you remember like 2 months ago when I mentioned something about laughing at my companion's squeels when the doctor was looking at his toe because he had an ingrown toenail... anyways. I laughed and it was funny, and now 2 months later, he was the one laughing haha. I had an ingrown toenail... It hurt a lot. Elder Peralta and Elder Mederos were so excited to see the doctor perform the surgery and see me in pain. They even brought their cameras to film it. haha. Then when the doctor came out, he called me in and told them, "and you elders can wait here outside..." hahaha oh what relief I felt. That relief quickly left when the doctor started working on my foot. So much pain. I was grateful for 2 reasons. 1, because it has been a really long time that I have felt so much pain. And 2, I was grateful for the atonement and what Christ suffered for me, because I was only suffering for 1 toe. 

Anyways, the most important part of the week. Last week, when Lautaro went to church all on his own, we said, "This kid has to be baptized. He has had to wait too long." So we did some investigation and found out where his mom lives. We talked with him and his mom. It inspires me so much how determined Lautaro was to be baptized. Finally, miracuously the heart of Lautaro's mother changed, and she gave him permission to be baptized!!! I was SO happy for him. I have never met anyone with so much faith. 

The baptism was so beautiful. He was so happy and his whole family came to support him. One of the members who recently started coming again, Rosa, was such a miracle for us. She helped us SO much. Members are miracles.
I love this work. I just want to give everything for these people. I know Christ lives, I can feel it every day.
I love you all so much!!!
Elder Heath Tenney

La fe procede el milagro Aug.4, 2014

Aug. 4, 2014

Querida familia,

I can't believe Garrett and Jamisyn get married this week. That is crazy. I am so happy for you both! I knew you could do it, Garrett! ;)

Ah, this week was awesome. The miracles blow me away. God is so good. I know His miracles are real, and the faith always precedes the miracles. 

I have so much to improve, but I can honestly say I gave everything this week. I am becoming more and more consecrated and with that I am loving every moment even more, and seeing more miracles. 
Sooo the miracles of the week... First of all, the young men in this ward are good kids, but never really have desires to work with us. One of them, David, told me he wasn't planning on going on a mission. For the first few weeks here I asked them every Sunday when they could go out with us this week. The answer was always, "I'm not sure right now, but I will call you and let you know..." or simply "I can't."  haha. So I stopped asking them and just loved them. I asked how they were doing every Sunday and talked about their week. After several months of not asking them and just loving them, David began to ask questions about the mission and how it is. We had lunch with him and his family several times. Then finally, this week he came out with us! 

As we were walking with him, he said hello to one of his friends from school, Daiana. So we started talking with her and we taught her. She is super great. Both her and her mother want to be baptized. She came to church this Sunday! It was such a miracle that just when we were passing by with David, she was outside. David was our miracle, and he felt it too. The next day at church he was talking to the other young men telling them how they should go out with us too. As we were talking he even mentioned how he plans to work for a year after graduating so he can save up for his mission. MILAGROS!!! 

We found so many new people this week who are going to progress. I wish I could tell you all the miracles...

This week, the family of Lautaro called us. They told us that Lautaro's mom wanted him to move back with him, and that he was moving to another city to live with his mom again. I asked how Lautaro was doing and they told me he was crying because he didn't want to leave. My heart hurt so much for him... I love this kid so much. Sunday came, and when we got to church, Lautaro was there! We asked what had happened. Lautaro, who is 10 years old came to church alone from the house of his mom which is 30 minutes away on the bus... he makes me cry every week... He is incredible. I pray I can have as much faith as he does one day. 

I can't believe I only have 6 months left... I was thinking and praying this week about how I can love the mission even more. What I felt this week through experience is that you love the mission even more when you love the people even more. I love these people so much. I almost can't contain it. I go to bed thinking of them. I wake up thinking of them. In every moment I just want to be doing something that helps these people. They inspire me. I love my brothers and sisters here. I love my mission. 

Garrett and Jamisyn, I love you both so much. I will be thinking and praying for you this week! 

Have a Celestial week! 


Elder Tenney

Monday, July 28, 2014

"¿Que es lo que sabe?..."Jesucristo"

From: "Tenney, Elder"
Sent: Monday, July 28, 2014 3:51:06 PM
Subject: "¿Que es lo que sabe?..."Jesucristo"

Hey family!

This week was another great one. 

Funny/awkward story of the week: We went to pick up our clothes from a less active member who washed them for us. In Spanish, sometimes "it" and "she" is the same. The teenage daughter came out and told us the clothes weren't ready yet. "Oh, okay! Then, tomorrow we'll pass by in the morning to pick it up."... she understood it as, "We'll pass by in the morning to pick you up." She then asked  slighly confused and slightly excited, "You're going to pass by to pick me up tomorrow?"..........    ." clothes..."  "Oh..." "Well have a great day!" hahaha. 

One of the blessings of serving in an area is the blessing to see the people who you taught become faithful members. This weekend Mariana went to the temple for the 1st time. Tears came to my eyes as she told me of how special it was to enter the temple. Then yesterday Victor received the Aaronic priesthood. Ah, I am so happy for them. 

This week was tiring. In the area, the last 2 transfers we have been blessed with miracle after miracle. It has been incredible. We had a baptism almost every week and were finding prepared people every week. Recently, I feel like I am working even harder and my faith is stronger than ever, but we aren't seeing those same miracles. We had to drop a ton of investigators and were left with 2.  Lucas was going to be baptized yesterday, but something happened and we completely lost contact with him. 
So we are left with very little. I was searching for revelation to know where to go and what to do to find the prepared people. As we planned for the week, I felt we should go to an area where we had never worked before, so we planned a day to go to this other area and pass by all the names we had there. I was so excited for it. I had all the faith that we were going to find the chosen people and explode this area. We passed by all the less actives in the area, not one of them came out, but I didn't get discouraged. I was even more excited to talk with the next person. We talked with tons and tons of people. In every moment I was praying to know what this person needs and I followed what I felt. I felt the spirit strongly as I testified to many people, but contact after contact, member after member, there was no success. Finally in the end of the day we were blessed to find someone,  but then the next day he sent us a message saying he didn't want to talk with us anymore...And to add to that, a dog attacked us and I ripped my pants defending myself hahaha. It was super funny. Anyways, I was super disappointed, but not discouraged. 
 At the end of the week, I was exhausted and stressed. I was thinking, "why aren't we seeing the miracles that we saw the entire last 2 transfers? Why am I stressed? This is the Lord's work, I should just trust in him." But I began to question my faith. Why am I stressed and worrying if I have faith? 
Saturday night, we had a lesson with Lautaro, our only investigator, who is 10 years old. He lives with his grandparents who are members, but he needs the permission of his mom to be baptized. He is such a good kid. We were trying to help him open up to learn why he really wants to be baptized so he can share that with his mom. For some reason, he was really timid this day. We asked him several questions and the response, "I don't know..." "why do you want to be baptized?"..."I don't know..." haha. Then finally I said, " Well Lautaro, what do you know?"..."Jesucristo.." he said. Jesus Christ. I just paused...and really didn't have anything else to say, I was humbled by the profoundness of his response. 
Lautaro reminds me of my own love for Jesus Christ. I don't know what it takes to receive all the miracles we need, I don't know where the elect are, I don't know what every person needs, but I know Jesus. And I have faith in Him. The stress, confusion, and frustration I feel in some moments does not mean the absence of faith. Faith doesn't mean we don't experience sadness, opposition, or internal conflicts. Faith is what we choose to do when we face the confusion, stress, sadness, or frustration. 
So I am not worried. I have faith in Jesus Christ. My faith is stronger than ever. I'll never stop asking, searching for, and acting on His inpsiration. I know He lives and that is the most important thing. I love the Savior. I love trials and the opportunity to truly show my faith in Him. 

I love you all so much! I'm so excited to tell you about all the miracles we will see this week! 

Have a wonderful week! 


Elder Tenney

Mi amigo Victor!

From: "Tenney, Elder"
Sent: Monday, July 21, 2014 1:22:33 PM
Subject: mi amigo Victor!

hola familia! 

Sorry I don't have much time again... the good news is I am getting better at soccer.We have been waking up at 6 and playing soccer for our exercise which is fun. I made a goal against 2 latinos so that definitely went in my journal.

Anyways, this week was awesome. I was doing a baptismal interview with a 14 year old girl this week and wow, it was one of those many moments where I was just overwhelmingly grateful to be here. This 14 year old girl was so determined to stay faithful in the church. She told me, "it doesn't matter how cold it is, how much it is raining, I will go to church every week." Her name is Maria. She doesn't have much support from her parents, but she goes with her brothers every week to church. Ah, these humble faithful people inspire me. 

This week we worked a lot with Victor to prepare him for his baptism. Victor is incredible. He really is the most humble man I have met on my mission. He read the whole book of gospel principles and is filled with a fire of enthusiasm for the gospel. We were teaching him and his friend Lucas. We asked a question to Lucas and after Lucas answered, Victor said, "I testify of the words of my companion..." and continued to share his own testimony haha. It was so awesome. Saturday, he came to the church for his interview, cleanly shaven, and had taken out his piercing he has had since he was 15. It may not seem like a big deal, but it was something important to Victor. It fills me with such amazement to see changes like that. To see the atonement of Jesus Christ transform someone. 
Sunday finally came, it was such a special day. Victor came to church alone. Victor didn't have a single family member or friend at his baptism because he lost the majority of his friends to follow this path. Really, teaching Victor has been incredible, different than every other investigator I have taught. I feel such a deep love for him. The first time I met him I really felt like I had met him 3 weeks later, we were awaiting his baptism. He looked nervous and like he felt alone. I asked him if we could read something together. We read in Mosiah 18:8, 10,11. At the end, when it talks of the people shouting, "this is the desire of our hearts (to be baptized)..." and they clapped their hands for joy; Victor said, "this is how I feel. This really is the desire of my heart." 
Victor was then baptized, without any of his friends from the last 32 years of his life. But I know how happy his greatest friend is in Heaven. I was so happy for him. I love that man so much. He is a good friend and I know we have been friends for a long long time. 

I know this work is ETERNAL! I want everyone to be there in the Celestial Kingdom, everyone. I love the Savior so much. It is a sacred prviledge to see His grace in my life and the lives of my brothers and sisters.  

I love you all so much! Have a great week!


Elder Tenney

Friday, July 18, 2014

Los Argentinos humildes

July 15, 2014

Hey family!

So we had transfers today. Elder Pirez left to become the new assistant to President. He will be really good for the mission. Elder Peralta stays here with me, and the new zone leader with me is Elder Mederos. He is also from Uruguay. I really am so excited to work with him. This is his last transfer in the mission. He is filled with so much love. I really am honored to serve with him.

So this week in world cup... first of all, President gave us permision to watch the game last wednesday. It was really fun to watch it with Oscar and his family. Argentina won in penalty kicks, so that was super fun. We then had to run back to our pension, but we had to go the back way to avoid seeing people. Everyone fled from their houses the moment Argentina won. They all headed to the park to eat, drink, and be merry. But I couldn't let anyone see I was a gringo, because gringo and german is the same to them haha. It was an adventure. A car full of drunk argentines passed by and screamed "Argentina!!!" and we had to act like we were celebrating too or else it would be dangerous, so we screamed back, "Sí! Argentina!!!"haha. But we got home in time and safely. The people were so crazy outside. 
Then Sunday, we were in the pension basically all day after church. Argentina lost, but they still found reason to drink and celebrate haha. So they paraded through the streets (much less than the previous night) to celebrate that they got 2nd place in world cup haha. But now everything is basically normal again. I just don't make jokes anymore that Im from Germany.

This week it was amazing to see the changes in Cecilia after her baptism. Before she was really shy. She listened to us, but never looked us in they eyes or asked questions. But the day after her confirmation, she was a completely different person. It was amazing to see. She is already helping her inactive sister and sharing the gospel with friends. Ah! I love conversion. 

I dont have much time because we are going to play soccer... The work is going super well. This last week we really didn't work that much because we had to go to the hospital twice at 4 in the morning because E Pirez had some problems, but he is okay now. But we are finding more and more prepared people. I know there are people everyday to find. The world is ready! 

I love this work. I am happy and cherishing every moment. I love you all! Have a great week!


Elder Tenney

Fourth of July Wedding, July 7, 2014 letter

July 7, 2014


This week was sooo good. It truly was a 4th of july week I will never forget. 

1st of all, mundial (world cup) continues... We had an awesome devotional this week as a mission. After the devotional President told us we were going to have a cultural activity haha. So after the devotional, we all watched the Argentina game on a huge projector. It was really fun. This week he told us we can watch the game with members. It is so cool to be here during this time. The people will be so humbled and prepared if Argentina loses ;) 

There were a lot of great things that happened this week, but the best day was the 4th of July. I began the day singing "the star spangled banner" to my companions, which I surely enjoyed more than they did. After getting all ready, wearing my patriotic suit and tie, we headed off to the wedding of Alejandro and Cecilia. I was filled with so much pure joy. It all seemed so surreal. 3 months ago, when we first met this family, they were broken, Cecilia said she wouldn't get married, and it seemed like there was no way to help them. Now, 3 months later, we were on our way to their wedding. I pondered the transformation we saw in them, I thought of Alejandro and his great faith. Even when we dropped them and didn't think they could progress, he kept going. He, alone, did all the papers so he could get married; He led his family in prayers every day; He read with Cecilia who can't read. He did everything. It was a miracle to see the enabling power of the atonement in this humble man who just wanted a new start. I truly felt like I was on my way to the wedding of my brother, which was a tender mercy with Garrett's wedding next month. 

Here, in Argentina, weddings are different. Basically you have to go to a government building and a woman there reads to you about marriage and the commitment you are making to your spouse, they ask if you accept this commitment, and you sign a paper. You also have to have 2 witnesses, so I was one of the witnesses. Alejandro and Cecilia couldn't afford a ring, so I gave them an "HLJ" (CTR) ring haha. So they used one of those cheap CTR rings as their wedding ring in the ceremony. It was really sweet. I think you can see it on Cecilia's hand in one of the pictures. Also, after weddings, it is a tradition to throw rice on the couple as they are needless to say we bought some rice to throw haha. It was all so fun. 
Then the most important part, they were baptized that night :) they were so happy. This couple truly is a miracle for us. It really blows my mind how they changed. They both had to leave so much behind for this, and it was by no means easy, but...ah, what a miracle. But the miracle wasn't just them, it wasn't their will power, nor our teaching, the miracle was and always is CHRIST. It was HIS power who strengthened and pushed Alejandro to keep going even though he was all alone. It was HIS strength that gave Cecilia the ability to forgive and forget the mistakes of the past. It was HIS inspiration that HE sent to us to know how to get the help of the ward. HIS spirit that inspired the members to help. That is the miracle. He is the miracle. The power of Jesus Christ that He grants to every one of us as we follow Him is the miracle. 

I testify that we can overcome any weakness, addiction, or fear through HIS strength. Everyone can change because HIS miracles are available for everyone.

I'm loving every moment here.

Have a wonderful week 


Elder Tenney