Monday, October 20, 2014

True Conversion October 18, 2014


Last Sunday was one of the greatest days ever. Ricardo was baptized. He is a suepr interesting guy. He doesn't really show his emotions and he doesn't have one of his fingers (not that those two are related at all...but just a fun fact). And after his baptism, I heard him saying several different times, "Wow! What an incredible experience." And he was even smiling in the end. It was so cool. One of the most beautiful miracles in life is to see someone start to smile more, not just the act of smiling, but when you can see the smile is real. It is not about the smile with the mouth and teeth, but the joy comes from the changes that that smile reflects. Really, that is why I want to be here most. I just want to see people happy. And true, lasting happiness comes from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So Ricardo is amazing.

Later on Sunday, we taught the familia R about missionary work and why it is so important to share what we have. They were super impacted by it. We gave them all a piece of paper and asked them to write any names that came to mind. Every single one of them wrote 2 or 3 names, and not just that, they were asking us when we could go to visit them. And every single one of them had one of the same names on their list, Alberto. He is the dad of the family. They all want to badly for him to start going to church with them. They are praying for him and he started to read the Book of Mormon this week :) miracles. The most incredible of all was Priscila (the 9 year old who had 2 pages of notes from conference). When we asked her who was on her list, she had 14 people with whom she wanted to share the gospel. Some of them were neighbors, others were friends from school. She didn't know where some of them lived, so we gave her pass along cards to give to them at school. Then for an hour and a half or so, we divided up with a member and members of the family to go and visit the people whom they had written on their papers. It was so incredible. As I was experiencing it all, the thought came to my mind, "this is true conversion." Sometimes we think true conversion comes from experience or even just over time, but they are evidence that experience is not a factor. 
Then on Monday night, the familia R invited us over for dinner. They wet through so much sacrifice to make it for us. They made like 8 gallons of fruit salad and cooked a ton of asado for us. They really were priviledged to do it. They thanked us so much for coming just to be with them and eat their food. It is so humbling to see that kind of love and service. 

This week we found an awesome investigator named Alan. He is great. The Lord is blessing us with so many miracles. Even though we only have 3 hours to work everyday in our area, He makes up the difference. He blesses us with so many miracles. The miracles of amazing members to work with us. And amazing investigators who are so prepared. I love the Lord so much. I know He lives and is SO involved in this week.

I am living the dream. I love every moment. Have an amazing week!


Elder Tenney

fotos: baptism of Ricardo!
Today for P day we went down to the "beach". Its not really a beach, but it is cool. We took a lot of pictures. 

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