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Week 1 in the Offices September 27, 2014


So in the offices, our P-day is on Saturday, so from now on , I will be writing on Saturdays.

This week was crazy.  I am still kind of in shock. It is crazy how in several hours everything can completely change. Life in the offices is such a change. Really, it is so different. But different isn’t bad, it is just different. It is a different stage, but you have to love every stage of life.

First of all, life in the offices. So for all of my mission, I have followed and come to love the daily Schedule that the prophet has given for missionaries (Wake up at 6:30, studies from 8 to 11, arrive home 9:00, in bed at 10:30).  And here, all of that is different (obviously with the approval of President). We are in the offices from the morning until 5 or 6 in the evening, then we go out to work. There are a lot of responsabilities that I now have: ingressing baptismal records, planning all the activities of the mission, the food, travel plans, analysis of mission numbers, and a lot of other things that I am learning. Elder Heaton, a good friend from my same group, has been the secretary and is training me for a couple of weeks before transfers. I am grateful for him and all that he is teaching me. It is crazy how bad my computer skills have become. Haha. I don’t remember anything about Excel or anything like that. Apart from all the tasks I do on the computer, my companion is the coordinador of living (the pensions/apartments of missionaries).
Also, Elder Pirez, one of my favorite companions, is one of the assistants, so he is here too. It is awesome to be with him again. I love Elder Pirez.

So for all the contracts for apartments and things like that, I go with him to do those things. Also, if someone in the mission needs something for their apartment, we bring it to them.  In the day, traffic is kind of crazy sometimes, so it is best to go at night when there isn’t as much traffic. So we drive to do the deliveries, so I now have my liscense to drive in Argentina, which is crazy. I am learning to drive in stick shift.

So life in the mission is a lot different now. Every day is an adventure. Even though it is a lot different, my purpose is still the same-to invite others to come unto Christ. So I am trying my best to always remember that and magnify that. From 6 to 9 when we are working, I need to be the best missionary I can be. During the day, I need to take every opportunity the Lord gives me to share His love and His light, whether that is with missionaries in the office or people with whom I associate. I just want to cherish and use the best I can this sacred time. I need to always remember the sacred stewardship I have, there is so much good the Lord can do if I just let him.

Miracles of the week! First of all, in Garin, Raul and Bety are getting baptized today! That is such a miracle for me. I love them so much. I wish I could be there.  Then this 1st week here, the Lord has blessed us with even more miracles. Yesterday, a former investigator called and told us to pass by, we taught her and she wants to be baptized now! So she is getting baptized this next week!

The Lord is good. Really, I am grateful for His perfect plan. Honestly, I was super sad to leave Garin. I really can’t remember a more emotionally wrenching time in my mission. But President really helped to to feel that this call was from the Lord and he helped me to see His vision for the mission and for me in this assignment. It is literally an eternal blessing to serve so closely with President and Sister Ayre. I have never met a couple with so much charity and so much vision. It is such a blessing to be here with the Lines, the senior couple here, they are incredible too. I am overwhelmed with blessings. I know this is the Lord’s plan so I can do what He wants me to do and Become who He wants me to become. 

He’s got it all in His hands. I love the Savior.

I love you all so much! Have a great week!


Elder Tenney

Fotos: We went to the temple one night for the sealing of the converts of Elder Heaton. It was so beautiful.
Driving through Buenos Aires. Really, I feel like I am in a dream everyday.
Elder Popocha y  yo. 

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