Monday, October 20, 2014

General Conference, October 5, 2014


Time is flying by so fast. Normally I will write on Saturday, but this week was crazy and we didn't have time for Pday so I am writing this morning. 

General Conference has been amazing! I know that this is the Lord's church. Every word spoken is His word. President Monson is His prophet. The Lord answers prayers through His servants! 

This week was great. We had the mission temple trip this week so I was busy doing things in preparation for that and also for transfers this week. 

Yesterday, before Conference, Elder Lines (senior Elder), took me out to drive, to teach me to drive in stick shift. I love that man so much. It is such a blessing to be with and learn so much from him and his wife. When we went out to drive, it reminded me a lot of driving with Mom when I was learning to drive. The only difference was when I was with Mom, she was worried and freaked out, and I was calm. This time, Elder Lines was kind of freaked out and worried, and I was too. haha. I think I had nightmares last night hearing screams of "CLUTCH! CLUTCH! CLUTCH!" I don't like stick shift at all. haha. It's not only that, but the adventure of learning stick shift AND learning to drive in Argentina, where no one follows traffic laws and there aren't stop signs, it is just "whoever gets there first". So it is an adventure, a painful one, but an adventure. But I know the atonement will get me through it. His grace has no limits! 

So on Monday, I spent 6 hours, all day basically, filling a spread sheet with all the numbers of every area of the mission, so that we could do an analysis and see where we can improve. I finally finished it, my brain was dead, I was tired, and I closed it...without saving. I felt so dumb. So, I learned the importance of stopping so I don't lose all I have done. Now every 5 minutes, I save, so I don't lose it all. 
Which is what I need to do with this time, with all my life. Sometimes we are so focussed on work work work, that we don't take the time to "save" it in our minds, we never take moments to feel the joy and remember this. The happiest moments on my mission are the moments when I pause for a second, and notice how incredible this moment is, when I am crying within myself " I never want to forget this." I just have to take the time to be amazed by the Lord's hand, and if I do it, it is all worth it, and no effort is wasted.  

I saw His hand this week with the familia R. This is the miracle family that we found on my 2nd day here. The parents are getting everything ready to get married (it is often a long legal process in Argentina) and in the meantime, the 4 children are getting baptized. They are incredible. Really. In my entire life, I have never seen children like this. 1st they had only 1 book of Mormon, and they came home from school, literally sprinting so they could be the 1st one to read it. Melina read 8 chapters the 1st day we left it with them. Federico too. Then Orlando, who is 12, read 3 chapters from Alma and explained to us in detail the story of how the chief judge was killed. They leave me amazed everyday. Yesterday, their parents couldn't come and all 4 of them came ALONE to church to watch General Conference. Priscila, who is 9, took 2 pages of notes. 9 YEARS OLD! She showed me what she wrote and it was beautiful. Pure revelation. They are miracles. They are getting baptized today in between the sessions. 

I am happy. I am amazed by the Lord's hand. He does more than I will ever know. He strengthens me in ways I don't see. He is the light that does any good that I do. I know He lives. He is closer than we will ever know. This is His work. It is HIS Church. He is guiding it all. I love Him. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 

Have an amazing General conference! See His hand this week in your life. 

I love you all so much!


Elder Tenney

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