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Aug. 12,  2014


Yesterday we went to the capital because it was the 2nd to last P day of Elder Mederos, so we didn't have time to write. So Sorry if this is short! 

I LOVED the pictures of Garrett and Jamisyn. I am so happy for them. The day of the wedding was hard because I couldn't be there but still so happy for them. 

So I don't know if you remember like 2 months ago when I mentioned something about laughing at my companion's squeels when the doctor was looking at his toe because he had an ingrown toenail... anyways. I laughed and it was funny, and now 2 months later, he was the one laughing haha. I had an ingrown toenail... It hurt a lot. Elder Peralta and Elder Mederos were so excited to see the doctor perform the surgery and see me in pain. They even brought their cameras to film it. haha. Then when the doctor came out, he called me in and told them, "and you elders can wait here outside..." hahaha oh what relief I felt. That relief quickly left when the doctor started working on my foot. So much pain. I was grateful for 2 reasons. 1, because it has been a really long time that I have felt so much pain. And 2, I was grateful for the atonement and what Christ suffered for me, because I was only suffering for 1 toe. 

Anyways, the most important part of the week. Last week, when Lautaro went to church all on his own, we said, "This kid has to be baptized. He has had to wait too long." So we did some investigation and found out where his mom lives. We talked with him and his mom. It inspires me so much how determined Lautaro was to be baptized. Finally, miracuously the heart of Lautaro's mother changed, and she gave him permission to be baptized!!! I was SO happy for him. I have never met anyone with so much faith. 

The baptism was so beautiful. He was so happy and his whole family came to support him. One of the members who recently started coming again, Rosa, was such a miracle for us. She helped us SO much. Members are miracles.
I love this work. I just want to give everything for these people. I know Christ lives, I can feel it every day.
I love you all so much!!!
Elder Heath Tenney

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