Monday, September 15, 2014

Don't be afraid to turn back, September 8, 2014


The atonement is real. I feel so much strength, patience, guidance, and love every day that comes from it. 

Things in the area are still kind of hard haha. We worked super hard this week, talking with everyone and all the members. The miracle of the week was Cecilia. She is like one of the investigators from the "preach my gospel" DVDs. We found her last Saturday. I was on exchanges with a brand new elder from New York, Elder Avalos. And we passed by just when she was outside and said hello, then kept going. After several steps, I turned back to talk with her and I am so grateful I turned back. 

We left her with 2 nephi 31 to read, afterwards we asked her how she felt as she read it, she said, "I felt something right here (pointing to her heart), it was a peace, I can't explain. But it comes...and then goes. But I just want it to stay, but it goes." Then we asked her, "what do you think God was trying to tell you through these verses?". She answered, "I feel like He is telling me He wants me to be baptized...but just give me some time." So we prayed and prayed for her, then 2 days ago, she told us, "I have good news." my companion responded jokingly, "you are going to be baptized now?" "yes!" she responded excitingly. "I was in the doctors office thinking about it, and I felt something telling me, 'you should do it.' so I am going to be baptized." Miracles!!! The spirit does everything. Cecilia has so much faith. We taught the word of wisdom and she said without hesitation, "wow, so now I'm not going to drink coffee anymore." so much faith! 

 So lesson learned, don't be afraid to turn back. The atonement was made to give us second chances. One of the greatest lies of satan is, "it's too late." Sometimes he tells us it is too late to help people, too late to serve, or too late to change, but it's not too late, it's never too late. 

Cecilia gets baptized this next week! Please pray for her and for Garin! :)

Have an awesome week!


Elder Tenney

foto: Elder Loza, mi amigo.

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