Saturday, November 15, 2014

The week go by so fast. Oct. 25, 2014

October 25, 2014


This week was great. I feel so much joy each day. Really, even when disappointments happen, the frustration passes so quick and is swallowed up in the joy.  

So this week it was amazing to see the transformation in Ricardo after his confirmation. He is serving everyone all the time now. He is smiling more and more. He goes with us to visit investigators. This man is amazing. I love him.

This week passed by so quick and we were so busy, but I don’t remember a lot that happened.

The Lord is blessing us with so many miracles. There have been lots of people this week who seem super elect and they are super excited when we 1st talk to them, but then the next day when we passed by, something had happened and they didn’t want to go to church anymore. So that is hard, It is amazing how much love one can feel for someone they met just a day before, but man, it hurts when I see them make that choice. But I know the the Lord has it all in His hands. There is nothing to worry about. He will keep the miracles coming.

I love this work. I love being here. There is no place I’d rather be. I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week! 


Elder Tenney

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