Saturday, November 15, 2014

A five year-old Mayweather fan. November 8, 2014

Hey family!

So today in the morning we had to go buy things for the conference this week which took a while. Then President called us and invited us to go skateboarding haha. President is awesome. Therefore we didn't have time to write. So President gave us permission to write now. 

So the most exciting news of the week. A new assistant was called this week. We work a ton with the assistants and have Pday together, so we are really good friends. So last night the new assistant walked in and it was....ELDER ENGEBRETSEN! Which is amazing. My whole mission I have hoped we'd be able to serve together and now we will. (for those who don't know, Elder Engebretsen is a really good family friend who is in the same mission). So I am super excited and grateful to serve with him. It is so crazy...

This week we had the leadership council. I had been praying and preparing for it for several weeks. So we have a list that we work with of all of the converts for the last 6 months where you can fill out if they have a calling, priesthood, are going to church, and if they have been retaught the lessons. Then every week the missionaries in each ward update the list for converts from their ward. It is an amazing tool to use to work with the wards and stakes. but the problem is that the missionaries haven´t been very good in updating it, therefore it isn't accurate. I fasted this last week to know what I can do to help the mission improve. Then that same night, I found an error in the formulas that are used, that caused that a lot of the informartion was incorrect. It took a ton of time to fix it all, but it was a blessing because now it works better. Then, in the leadership council, I felt so guided and at peace in my part of the meeting. I really felt the spirit testifying of the Love of the Lord for the people on that list. So the Lord blesses me with so many miracles. 

So, there isn't a ton more to tell...this week there was a little 5 year old girl who asked me where I was from,"the United States" "oh..." she said slightly confused. I tried to help her, "its the same place where...hmmm......who would be a famous person you would know..." she cut me, "Mayweather is from your country, right?" haha. I, slighly in shock responded, "uh...yeah... he is." haha. So this 5 year old girl apparently is a boxxing fan. 

I am happy. I love to serve the Lord. I know He lives. Have a great week!!!


Elder Tenney

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