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The Spirit makes the most out of our circumstances January 17, 2015

January 17, 2015

Hey family! 

This was one of the most different, interesting, best weeks ever. So on Monday night, President told us that we would be receiving another companion, but from the Resistencia mission. There is an elder who needs surgery and the best health care in Argentina is a hospital in Buenos Aires. So he would be coming down here to get surgery. 
Luckily, we are in a great position to be able to help because we are in a trio. THe elder's name is Elder Lebaron. He is from South Jordan. He has 6 months on the mission. He is a great missionary. I was blessed to be able to be his companion to the hospital visits this week. 
So I don't want to think about going home, but at the same time I am mindful of it so that I can make the most of every second. I don't want to finish doing what I want or what is my favorite thing to do, I just want to finish constantly doing what the Lord would have me do. On Tuesday, we had to go to the hospital to do some tests for Elder Lebaron. This hospital is amazing. It is the only hospital in Argentina that is like it. It is like a nice hospital in the US. So we went on an adventure going from every corner of this gigantic hospital. I had decided beforehand, that I didn't just want to go along for the ride, but to be productive and make the most out of it. I was able to talk to many amazing people. I met a woman from Spain, a couple from Ecuador, and other Argentines. It was so cool hearing their stories and why they were there in Argentina. I loved being able to share my testimony with them and invite them to come unto Christ. 

The next day, we were in the offices, poor Elder Lebaron just had to sit there all day finding office tasks to do, but it was a productive day. 

Finally, Thursday was the surgery. I went with Elder Lebaron to the hospital. And they have strict rules that you can only have one person waiting for you in the waiting room. So he went into surgery and I was left waiting in the waiting room alone. It felt super weird, almost scary. But I survived. The Lord blessed me beforehand with a vision of what He wanted me to accomplish in this time I had to wait: The first priority, share the gospel. So I talked with a kind man from Lujan, Argentina for 30 minutes or so. He was worried about his wife who was in surgery. You could see the love he had for her in his eyes and in the worry he had. He was super catholic and wasn't very interested, but he as a good guy.  
2) I needed to use this time to ponder and receive revelation to know what we can do to improve the retention in the mission. I was out there for 5 hours, and for about 2 hours I just pondered and prayed to know what we can do. The spirit flowed amazing ideas into my mind and I wrote them all down. Sitting in that hospital waiting room alone was a spiritual experience. 
So I truly feel like I received everything the Lord wanted me to receive in that waiting room. It seems like having to wait in a hospital alone for 5 hours would be a waste of time, but the spirit blessed me with the vision to see what the Lord wanted me to do with this time. Then the spirit made the most out of my circumstances. 
So after the surgery, we went to the mission home, and I stayed there with Elder Lebaron these last 2 days. Again, the Lord blessed me His vision to know how I can best use my time. I came to a point when I couldn't think of anything, and I prayed to know what more I could do, and the Lord always helped me to know one more thing I could do to build the kingdom. It was so so fun to be there with the Ayre's yesterday and today. I love them so much. 
So yesterday, my normal companions were doing something in capital and they weren't going to make it back in time to work in the area. So I asked Alex, President Ayre's 16 year old son, if he would be able to go out to work with me for a couple of hours. He said he could, so he and his friend, Dallas came out with me on divisions to work. President let us take his car which was cool too. We first went to Elizabeth. We taught her about the restoration. It was so so cool to be able to teach with these two 16 year olds. Even in their broken spanish, they invited the spirit so much. When they told about the story about Joseph Smith, I felt the spirit so strongly. You could see that Elizabeth felt it. It was such a cool experience to have them as my companions for the night. I won't forget it. 

I am happy. I love being able to give every second to the Lord every day. These are the days I will remember for the rest of my life, I feel so overwhelmingly blessed to be here. I love you all so much! Have a great week! 


Elder Tenney

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