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la locura de los traslados Jan. 3, 2015

Jan. 3, 2015

Hey family! 
This week was a good week. It's been over a week since we last talked so a lot has happened. 
Let's see... first of all. TRANSFERS! So it was Monday night and we were doing a ton of things to get ready for transfers, this was the biggest transfer this mission has every had. On top of that there was a problem with the # of baptisms that Salt Lake had down for our mission, so I had to study up on that to see what happened. I also had to finish 60 baptismal records because it was the end of the month and year. So it was kind of hectic, but exciting. 

We finished up with that, then we went shopping for President because his wife was on a trip. It was super cool to just go shopping with President. He is one of my favorite people ever. Finally we got to bed, super late. Then got up super early the next day for transfers. At transfers, I am normally running all over the place, ordering more remises (taxis), calling to confirm plans for the new missionaries, answering everyone's questions, so it is a fun day. But this day, because of the holidays, there were way less taxis from the company that we normally use, and they didn't mention anything about that when we confirmed the plans with them. So we had like 60 missionaries outside of the church just waiting for hours for a taxi to get there. It was hot and a lot of people were a little frustrated, but I had in the office a huge box of this "sweet bread" that a man we work with gave me for Christmas. So I went out and gave it to all the people waiting for the taxis.. When I walked out with the bread, everyone literally started cheering haha. Finally everyone left. 


President also asked me the night before if it would be okay if he sent us an extra companion to the offices so that he can shadow me and I can train him to be the new secretary. So we have a new companion, Elder Zollinger. He is from Utah and he has been such a huge help here so far. It feels super weird knowing that my replacement is already here. I think I may know what Peyton Manning felt like when the Colts drafted Andrew Luck. Luckily, there is still so much to do, even with 2 of us, that I don't have much time to think about it. So I will just keep serving. 

 So in the offices, I am there all day at the computer, on the phone, filling out records, ordering food, taxis, buses, and whatever other things that are needed. So all day I am doing other things, then at 6:00, I have to leave all that in the office and put all my focus on being a missionary. Honestly, it is super hard sometimes. I feel like there is still so much to do that I don't even have time to leave and it is hard to keep my thoughts focussed on the people that so desperately need my help. Normally, it isn't that bad, but one day this week, I was feeling kind of un-animated (I don't know if that makes sense in English). So I was there on divisions with Ricardo, my convert from 3 months ago (who hasn't missed a Sunday since his baptism), and as we were in his car on the way to stop by some potential investigators, I just prayed with all my heart that 1) I could feel the fire and enthusiasm that I needed to do this sacred work, and 2) that we could find prepared people in this house we were going to. I was tired mentally, physically, emotionally, and everything inside me just wanted to stop, but I knew in my heart that was not what I really wanted. So I prayed and prayed to overcome the natural man. 
We went up to the door and we found Mario, who I had met a week ago. He was excited to see me and he said he had read part of the pamphlet we left him. He liked it. I told him about church and he asked me, "So on Sunday, do I have to go alone or can I bring friends with me too?". I told him, "of course can you bring friends! do you have any of them here with you now?" So he went and got his friends from inside, Matias and David. I shared with them a part from 3 Nephi 11, and asked them what they felt. Matias told me, "It says that if I really want to come unto Christ and enter into the kingdom of God, I need to be baptized." So I asked him, "Matias, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized?" He responded right away, "absolutely. I need to do it." And his 2 friends were paying super close attention. They asked an occasional question, and I invited them too. They both were just as anxious to answer. I explained the whole process of what they have to do to prepare and the commitment that it takes and they were willing and excited to do it. They are all going to church tomorrow. :) 

I am constantly amazed by the Lord's continuous grace. He strengthens me more than I can ever realize. He is the light and the reason for any good that I do. I love Him. 

Have a super awesome week! I love you all!!!


Elder Tenney

Nacho! Who is getting baptized this week.

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