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el desafío es seguir transformando Dec. 13, 2014

Dec 12/13/14 1:05 PM

Hey Family!  

So this week was super great. I really love every day. Even when there are hard things, everyday is such a blessing. 
So last Sunday, it was a big day. We made visits to all the people we were waiting for at church, and in total, we were expecting 8 people, who we felt were really sincere in their commitment to attend. So we made plans in the morning to do splits with members to go get them all. In the morning, we passed by. First door... we knocked...and knocked... and knocked... and no one came out. Even thought we heard people inside haha. So onto the 2nd house...same thing. In the end, the same thing was happening to my companion who passed by the other houses. So these 8 people who were going to come to church turned into 0. So we went to church, without any investigators, disappointed because they weren't going to be able to experience the blessing of going to church. When we got there, there was a less active woman from our area who we had visited a few weeks earlier, Rosa. 
Lunch with the Lines (they are 2 of my favorite people in the world) 

We ate sushi here for the 1st time. It was kind of sketchy, but good!

Rosa was there with her neighbor, Blanca. So we met her, and we taught her. She is super special. She is from Peru. She has been to a lot of different churches, and she says she just feels confused after hearing so many different things. We taught her the restoration, and she understood it all. The only problem we discovered, was that she works in the capital during the week, and her cellphone is broken haha. So we wont be able to see her all week... hmmm...So I asked her, "Blanca, do you REALLY want to know if this is true?"..."Yes," she said. I pulled out the Book of Mormon, "If you want to know it is true, you just have to act. God has given us something super special so that we can each discover for ourselves if this is true. But you HAVE to read this if you truly want to know, because we wont be there during the week to remind you." She firmly committed to do it. So tonight she gets back, so we will see how she is doing. I trust 100% in the Book of Mormon. Honestly, if there was a way to just get the whole world to honestly read, ponder, and ask God about the Book of Mormon, there wouldn't be more to do. That book TRANSFORMS people as they search for the truth it contains. I think the most important thing in reading it, is not necessarily getting an answer, but is that in searching for the answer, we come unto the Savior and He transforms us. 

I am so blessed to be here. The Lord is blessing us with miracles. Even in my assignments in the office. It is not just a list of things to do, but opportunities for revelation. If I treat it in that way, the Lord can do things that change the mission. If I let Him guide me, the things I do in this position are not just chores, but opportunities to save souls. I know that Christ lives. He is the reason for any good that I do. 

have an awesome week! HE IS THE GIFT!!!


Elder Tenney

Lunch with the Lines (they are 2 of my favorite people in the world) 
We ate sushi here for the 1st time. It was kind of sketchy, but good!
This burger saved my life...haha. I´ll tell you when I get home. :)

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