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Tender Mercy Filled Adventures Jan.24, 2015

Jan. 24, 2015

So this week was super crazy. It was so good. I really am living the dream. I am so overwhelmingly grateful to be here. This week was filled with adventures, miracles, and tender mercies. 
1st huge miracle of the week. So last Saturday, I started a fast for Blanca. She has been reading the Book of Mormon like crazy and has so many amazing questions. She has so much sincere interest and is super prepared. But she hasn't accepted a baptismal date yet. She is ready right now to be baptized and she wants to do it, she just doesn't want to commit to a date. So I started a fast for her that she could accept a baptismal date and be baptized. I prayed a lot for her. Then on Sunday, we did divisions and my companions went to visit Blanca. They told me of the spiritual lesson they had with her, and the spirit touched her, and she committed to be baptized this next Sunday! I am so happy for her. She is so amazing. Miracles from fasts.
We had a big mission activity for all the missionaries who are going home in the next few transfers to help us all stay focused and finish strong. We had Dan Clark speak to us. It was so cool. But in preparation, we got very little sleep, like 4 hours or something, so I was praying and praying for strength to be able to do all we needed to do and still be inspired by the program. And one word pretty much sums up my whole time in the offices, GRACE. His grace saves me over and over again. I had all the energy I needed the whole day, and even in the night during proselyting. 

So, the greatest adventure was on Tuesday. So we got up to take Elder LeBaron to the airport. Alex (President's son) came with me so I would have a companion after we dropped off Elder LeBaron. So we got to the airport, checked him in, then walked with him to the gate, but he had to check his bag because he couldnt carry anything after the surgery. The airline asked us why he had to check it, and we told him he had surgery and couldnt carry it...shouldn´t have told them that... haha. "Well, Im not sure you can fly without being checked out by the doctor. So they sent us to the doctor. And the doctor told us that with that surgery he can't flu for at least 20 days. :( So I did everything I could to try to let him fly, but my convincing powers were weak. So we called President, called his president, and we made 1 2nd plan to send him on a bus back to Resistencia. But we didnt have money to do that. haha. So we met up with President in Capital to get money. Got the money, went to the station (which is downtown and kind of sketchy haha). Parked the car, (which by the way is President's new car, a toyota corala 2015), and we went with him to the station. We waited with him, shared the gospel with some of the normal people there and some of the not so normal people haha. Then finally we sent him off. So we were relieved that now the craziness was over. I felt bad for Alex because it was just going to be an hour trip, but it turned into a 5 hour trip haha. So Alex and I walked back to the car. We get to the black where we parked, Alex looked up and asks, "where is the car?" We looked, and didn't see the car. "It has to be there. Yeah, it is probably behind that red car there. Yeah..." I told him. So we kept walking, and it wasn't behind the red car... My heart stopped. Presidents new car was gone. I looked up and down the street, to double check, but with no luck. It was gone. 
I walked into the business right in front of where we had parked and asked them about it. They told me, "Oh yeah! That white car out there. They took it away. It was towed." So I asked them where I needed to go to get it and they passed me the information. At this point I was just in shock, "Is this really happening?" I thought. But I wasn't really stressed, more than anything I just felt bad for Alex who was drug into this. So the adventure continued... 
I called Sister Ayre, and thought, "man, this will be an interesting conversation. What will I say...I thought..."Hey sister Ayre, how do I say this?...well.. you know your car?...yeah, the brand new one...Well, I lost it." haha. So I called here and she just laughed. She was soooo nice about it and just thought it was funny. 
So then we began the adventure to find this place. The good thing is we were in a super cool part of the city where there is an art museum so there are a lot of cool art pieces outside along the road. So it was even more adventurous. So we took a bus to the place where they said it was. Asked about 5 people for directions. Walked around the same 5 blocks like 4 times. And we still couldn't find it. But finally after another hour and a half, we found it! So we thought everything was good. Then we walked into the place and there was a sign that said, "To obtain your car, you must have the following documents... " And I had no idea what these documents even were. So I put on my "have mercy, I'm a gringo face" and stepped up to the counter, and told them the situation. They let me pass by to grab some things from the car, I gave them a pass along card then the documents I had, and it was enough to get the car!!! I walked to the car with my hands in the air, feeling like I just won the world cup. Alex and I celebrated. It was the greatest adventure ever. haha. Finally, we got back to the mission home, car and all. We were going to finish at like 11 in the morning, but we ended up finishing at about 9 at night. haha. But it was a day to remember. Alex was super good about all of it, we had so much fun. 

So, everyday is an adventure. A tender mercy filled, joyful adventure. 
Every night I go to bed thinking, "wow, this is the life." There is nothing better than this. I love the Lord. I know He lives!

Have a super great week!!!


Elder Tenney

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