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The moments I always dreamed of. June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014

This week was awesome. This morning we had to go to the doctor again, but this time for Elder Peralta. He had an ingrown toe nail so the doctor had to cut it. It looked painful, but I have to admit, it was kind of funny hearing his high pitched screams haha.  But he is okay now! 

This week was awesome. We had an emergency zone meeting because the zone had a really bad week and we weren't accomplishing what the Lord expected of us. Things improved a lot this week and every companionship seems to be more obedient now. 

So before my mission, all my life I dreamed of the mission and imagined the incredible experiences where people would just be amazed by this message. This week there were experiences that were exactly like I imagined, where in the end of the lesson both the investigator and I were left in aw by this message. Ah, I love this so much. 

We also had the baptism of Aldana this week. It was a miracle. She has changed so much. In the morning Satan was doing everything to stop her from being baptized. There were so many problems that happened. But Heaven's help made it possible. She was so happy. That night, after the baptism, we talked about the last several weeks, the challenges she faced, and the person she has become. I could see the light in her. It is one of the most joyful things to see these people weeks after applying the atonement and being transformed. I know that power is so real. Her baptism was such a miracle. 

Yesterday I went with the Elders quorum President to visit a friend of a member. His name is Mauro. He told us of the problems in his life, he recently seperated from his spouse, who has a lot of problems and he is really worried about her and the children. His wife treated him horribly, but he still cares so much for her. I told him that I know God truly loves him and wants him to hear this message. We had planned something else, but I felt he needed to learn about the restoration. After several minutes, when I began to talk about the atonement and what Christ did for him, he paused me, "wait..." he said. He thought for a few seconds. "When you talk about these things, about Christ...when you say his name, I feel something, there is peace in your words...I feel peace, at home, comfortable. It is something I haven't felt in a really long time." Tears filled my eyes, because this moment is what I have always dreamed of, really, I hardly felt worthy to be in this moment with Mauro. We read in Galatians to show him what he is feeling. After he accepted to be baptized, I taught him about prayer, he said, "Could you please pray for my ex and her kids?", I asked him if he would like to say a prayer for them, and to know if the things he learned were true, if this really is the true church of Jesus Christ. He then said one of the most heartfelt prayers I have ever heard, pleading with his Father for the people he loves so much, who have lost their way. And pouring his soul out in gratitude for the opportunity to hear this message of Him and to know if it was true. I was in a hurry to leave because there wasn't anything better that we could do for him than to leave him with the spirit that was in that home. We left, and I walked away feeling like I was in the same dream I always had as a kid dreaming of this moment. 

I am sooo privildged to be here serving these people and witnessing these miracles. I love inviting others to come unto Christ. 


Elder Tenney

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