Friday, July 18, 2014

Los Argentinos humildes

July 15, 2014

Hey family!

So we had transfers today. Elder Pirez left to become the new assistant to President. He will be really good for the mission. Elder Peralta stays here with me, and the new zone leader with me is Elder Mederos. He is also from Uruguay. I really am so excited to work with him. This is his last transfer in the mission. He is filled with so much love. I really am honored to serve with him.

So this week in world cup... first of all, President gave us permision to watch the game last wednesday. It was really fun to watch it with Oscar and his family. Argentina won in penalty kicks, so that was super fun. We then had to run back to our pension, but we had to go the back way to avoid seeing people. Everyone fled from their houses the moment Argentina won. They all headed to the park to eat, drink, and be merry. But I couldn't let anyone see I was a gringo, because gringo and german is the same to them haha. It was an adventure. A car full of drunk argentines passed by and screamed "Argentina!!!" and we had to act like we were celebrating too or else it would be dangerous, so we screamed back, "Sí! Argentina!!!"haha. But we got home in time and safely. The people were so crazy outside. 
Then Sunday, we were in the pension basically all day after church. Argentina lost, but they still found reason to drink and celebrate haha. So they paraded through the streets (much less than the previous night) to celebrate that they got 2nd place in world cup haha. But now everything is basically normal again. I just don't make jokes anymore that Im from Germany.

This week it was amazing to see the changes in Cecilia after her baptism. Before she was really shy. She listened to us, but never looked us in they eyes or asked questions. But the day after her confirmation, she was a completely different person. It was amazing to see. She is already helping her inactive sister and sharing the gospel with friends. Ah! I love conversion. 

I dont have much time because we are going to play soccer... The work is going super well. This last week we really didn't work that much because we had to go to the hospital twice at 4 in the morning because E Pirez had some problems, but he is okay now. But we are finding more and more prepared people. I know there are people everyday to find. The world is ready! 

I love this work. I am happy and cherishing every moment. I love you all! Have a great week!


Elder Tenney

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