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Cambios del espìritu! June 16, 2014


 Familllyyy! Hey! 

I don't have much time because today isn't p day. This week it changed because our zone is going to the zoo on thursday with President!

This week was so great. There were so many amazing moments. We were so busy so everything is kind of a blury memory.
As I'm sure you know, Mundial (world cup) has started. It is so crazy here. I love it. It is so awesome to be here in this time. Everyone has their argentina flaggs out, they are selling argentina things in every store, and literally everyone watches the game. It's not like in the US where there are people who don't like sports, so they don't watch the super bowl or something like that. It doesn't matter what you like, everyone watches when Argentina plays. Luckily we were able to go to the house of Oscar and his family. He was watching the game, but we were able to talk with the rest of the family while he watched the game, then when there was a break we taught a short lesson. We had to get home early because everyone celebrates with fireworks and gunshots, so it is kind of dangerous. When we were walking home, it was awesome because literally no one was on the street. I only saw 1 car on our way home, and usually there is a good amount of trafic. It is such an awesome cultural experience. 
Anyways, this week it was so awesome to see the changes in Bianca after receiveing the gift of the holy ghost. We were teaching her parents, and she tapped my shoulder, and asked me, "there are lots of poor people, right?" I responded "yeah,"."We have to help them. They don't have food, or a place to live. We need to help them, right?". Tears filled my eyes, because we were sitting in her house where 9 people live that is only a little bigger than my bedroom at home, and they are always eating either bread or rice, because they can't afford anything else. And she was so concerned about the "poor people" who need help. I responded, "yes, we need to help them."
 Later in the week her parents gave us a referral of a neighbor,so Bianca went with us. We talked with a woman who was very catholic and set on that and told us she didn't want to talk with us. Bianca tapped my shoulder and asked me, "Should I tell her she lacks the holy ghost?" hahahaha. It was so funny. I almost said yes...but decided it wasn't the best idea. But really it has been so awesome to see the changes in her. 
Yesterday, we had a lesson with Aldana, a single mother who we found this week. For some reason, I felt that we should teach the plan of salvation. As we taught about this plan God has for us, the spirit was so strong. She told us about her grandfather who raised her, who passed away. She said she wanted some way to help him or something. We told her about the temple and she started crying. It is literally the first time she has heard where is her grandfather, and what is her purpose here and to know it is ALL thanks to Jesus Christ. Ah, it was such a beautiful moment. I love the gospel! She is going to be baptized on the 29th! 

I don't have much time, but we also were so blessed with miracles on Sunday of investigators who came and less actives. One miracle was Rosa, she hasn't gone in 13 years, when she was 16. At church, I thanked her for coming, and she was bawling, she told us thank you so much, and told about all the great memories that she remembered and the peace she felt there. 

I love this gospel and this calling so much. It is such a beautiful thing to bring the good tidings of Jesus Christ to these people. There are so many people who have never heard the truth, who are suffering, whom we can help. The gospel of Jesus Christ is what they need. It is the only thing that brings lasting peace and joy. 

I love my mission so much, it is such a sacred priviledge to be here and help these people. Christ does it all. 

I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week! 


Elder Heath Tenney

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