Sunday, May 11, 2014

Just Enough Strength


Hey family! 

So much happened this week. We are continually seeing miracles here. 

On Tuesday, we had a great meeting with President Ayre. I was feeling really sick afterwards. We went to work and it just got worse. It was a struggle not to faint, but I was so blessed with strength to keep going. It was super hard, but I am sooo grateful for moments like that. The moments when I feel horrible and like I can't keep working, but the Lord gives me just enough strength to keep working, just enough strength to invite one more person to come unto Christ. We were talking to Tobias, a recent convert. His mom has always rejected the invitation to listen to us, but as I fought the urge to close my eyelids the impression came that I should invite her. It was even difficult to speak, but the words came out, and I invited her. For the 1st time, she actually accepted! She sat down and talked with us. I could hardly pay attention to what was going on, but I used the little ammount of energy I had to testify of what my companion had taught and invite her to church with her son. When we got home, after planning for the next day, I collapsed on my bed, feeling literally the most exhausted I have ever felt in my life, but so grateful for the opportunity I had that day to serve. We are praying that the mom of Tobias will change! 

We were with a member who went with us to an appointment and she told us of her uncle who is living with them because he had some family problems. We asked if we could talk with him, she said we could try. So we went in the house and me Carlos, we asked him if we could talk with him. The spirit was so strong from the start because we could feel how much Heavenly Father loved him. The spirit completely guided everything we said. It was so evident that Heavenly Father sent us there to him. We read the scriptures with him and invited him to come unto Christ. He came to church on Sunday! And now he is reading his scriptures and praying again. It left me humbled by the sacred calling and responsability that we have. We were literally sent there by God to be HIS hands and say His words to comfort, love, and bless His son. He does everything, we are just His hands. And to be His hands is the most incredible priviledge and experience in the world. Afterwards, Elder Hilton (we were doing exchanges) said something to me about how he liked the scripture I shared and how he had never before applied or thought of it in that way, and I realized...I never had either, the spirit taught it all. 

We are continuing to teach Mariana and prepare her for her baptism. We don't even have to do anything haha. We could really just give her Preach My Gospel or the pamphlets and she could prepare herself. She is golden. She went with us to the house of her neighbor to share the gospel with them and was testifying of the truthfulness of the church. She is reading the BOM everyday. We taught the word of wisdom and she gave us ALL 8 boxes of her tea without hesitation. (Just before the lesson she was talking about how much she loves tea haha), She is just amazing. She is going to be baptized this weekend. 

We had the baptism of Julieta and Martin Gomez! Kathy had a rough week and started smoking again, but she will be ready this next week! It was so special to see Juan, who just 4 weeks ago was inactive, become worthy and baptize his 2 children. He had tears in his eyes as we hugged after the baptism and told me how much this meant to him. Ah, it was so special. I love that family so much. 

I am happy. I love this work so much. Everyday I am overwhelmed with gratitude to be here. I love the Savior! 


Elder Heath Tenney

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