Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Joy in Serving

May 19, 2014

Hey Family! 

This week went by super fast. It was a great week. 

So here in Argentina, obviously soccer is huge, but there are 2 teams that are the most popular: Boca and River. They are huge rivals. Anyways, yesterday River won their last game which made them the champions. So there were tons of gun shots (hopefully all just in the air haha) and people celebrating, cheering, and drinking (a lot). All of the cars were honking in celebration while the passengers stuck their bodies out the windows with flags and jerseys. We were on our way home last night from another area in the zone and we were in a remis as we looked down the street there was a mob of people with flags and everything parading around the city blocking the street. Luckily we could turn and pass around them, but it was kind of awesome. But my favorite part was when we were waiting at the bus stop. A group of 20 fans of River passed by celebrating and there was, on the other side of the street, 1 man alone walking and celebrating to himself. So he yelled to them and they all started cheering to him, and afterwards he just kept walking down the street alone celebrating to himself...alone, but apparently having a gerat time. haha. So lesson learned, it IS okay to celebrate alone. 

This week was so fast I can hardly remember what happened. We had several days where everything fell through, then we went with the back up plans, and those fell through too haha. But we kept working and we were so blessed. We found a ton of new investigators and were blessed with many opportunities to serve. 

We were praying a lot for Alejandro and Cecilia this week. The last 2 weeks they said they were going to come to church, but when we passed by on Sunday told us "next week..." so we were planning on dropping them for a while if they didn't come this week. When we passed by on Tuesday, Alejandro told me he had done all the papers so that they can be married in June! All by themselves they went and did everything! I was so happy for them. They are reading and praying. Yesterday we passed by before church and they were all getting ready! They came! It was such a miracle to see the Lord change or increase their desire. They live in such humble circumstances and have many trials, but still are making the sacrifices to change. I am excited for them. 

We are also working with Oscar and his family. The rest of the family are members. He has talked with the missionaries a lot, but never wanted to participate in the lessons. He has really started to trust us and is progressing slowly but surely. So please pray for him and his family. They are amazing.

Really, I don't remember any other big things that happened. Marianna and Kathy were confirmed this week and are super happy! (especially Kathy because River won). My companion's ribs are healing. And Mom, in response to your request/commandment I have stopped drinking water from the faucet. My companion started a diet to prepare for marriage after the mission, so he is getting smaller, and I am getting bigger from eating his food. So it's a win and a loss. Hmm.

I am so excited and grateful to be a part of this work. Everyday I feel so much joy in being able to serve the Savior. One day this week, we left our lesson and were about 15 minutes away from our apartment walking. We looked at the time and it was 8:53, so we ran as fast as we could, holding our scriptures and a container of food some members had given us. So we ran and ran, still greeting people as we passed by them, and finally got there, super exhausted, looked at the time: 8:58! 2 minutes to spare! Even though we were super exhausted and lost a little bit of our food in route, I was so happy to be able to serve that day and make sacrifices to be exactly obedient. Every moment is a joyful moment in the service of Christ! I love the Savior! 

Have a great week! Love you all!!!


Elder Heath Tenney

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