Tuesday, May 27, 2014

La manera del Señor

May 26, 2014

Hey Family! 

Sorry I am kind of late on writing this week! We went to the temple this morning, which was amazing. Ah. I love the temple. Oh and before I forget, next week I will write on Tuesday because it is transfers. The temple this morning was great. In the session I sat next to Sam Zapata, a friend from middle school and my basketball team. He is great. It is crazy to think that 6 years ago we were sitting next to eachother in English class, and now we were sitting next to eachother in Argentina in the temple. So crazy. Even though I was super tired because we woke up at 3:30 this morning, I felt so much peace and received so much there. I love the temple. 

In his winter gear.

Oh and Happy Birthday to Scott! Scott is the man. Really, I have talked with so many people on my mission about how grateful I am for his example and his desires to serve. Scott is one of my role models. I hope one day I can be as good as Scott is. I love you Scott!

This week was great. It was kind of crazy. The Lord has blessed us so so much. It seems everyday that we find some new person whom He has prepared. 

Yesterday, Sunday, was a super crazy day, so I can't really remember what all happened earlier, so I'll just start there. We woke up early and got all ready to go pass by our investigators before Church to check up if everything was good to go. 1st of all, we were walking by 2 dogs that were outside their fence (there are dogs EVERYWHERE) so that is completely normal. As we were walking by, these 2 normal looking dogs calmly watched us, then as we harmlessly walk by, THEY ATTACKED! First they ran to me, trying to bite me as I dodged their bites and managed to pick up a rock, so they ran...to my companion. So I was free and I ran. But my companion wasn't hurt that bad.... haha just kidding. So they ran to my companion and he tried to kick them as they got close. I acted like I was throwing a rock and they ran away from him so we had some space to flee. We turned the corner and thought all was well, but they followed us, so this time we really had to throw rocks haha. So finally we escaped.

Literally 1 minute later on this same street, we passed by a man, and I said, "good morning!". When he responded I realized he was really drunk. For some reason he got really mad that I said good morning haha. So he started yelling at us, "Who do you think you are?! Where are you from anyways? Germany? Hey! Come back here!" But we kept walking. We were walking when suddenly a beer bottle crashes to the side of us. We turned around to see another flying towards us. So now we had a drunk man, throwing beer bottles, following us. Luckily we were protected like Samuel the lamanite, well, that and he was drunk and couldn't throw very well haha. So we walked faster and lost him. He turned around and continued on in the direction where we had come from, where the dogs were waiting him haha. So Satan was working a lot yesterday. We got to Alejandro's house and he told us he wasn't going to go. AH! It hurts when investigators or members fall and decide not to go. So we talked with him about how going to church is what prepares him for his baptism and marriage. I asked him, "who do you think deosn't want you to go to church?"..."the devil..." he responded. We talked about how it is a war. Satan is always going to give excuses or reasons not to go, but God wants so badly for us to go so He can bless us. "So who is going to win Alejandro?" We asked him. "I think God will win..." he said. So he came! It was great to see Heavenly Father change his heart and they were so blessed for coming. 

Later in the evening we had a super great lesson with Kathy. I realized this week that in the mission, we have gotten kind of casual with things, searching more for numbers or to check the box instead of really doing what is best for every person individually (even when that option is harder). So I decided that I wasn't going to do that anymore. Starting with the retention lessons. So I called all the families I could think of, talked with everyone to see who could go with us to help us teach Kathy, but no one could. I kept going and thought of who else I could ask...and asked some more. Everyone said they couldn't, but I still prayed we could find someone so we could really do it in the Lord's way. When we were on our way to the lesson a family, who wasnt going to be able to, called us and told us they could. So we had an amazing lesson with them. The spirit was so strong and Kathy connected well with them and saw their examples. We left a powerful spirit in the home and it just left me amazed. The Lord's way is SO amazing. It is so much better than anything we could ever do. So from now on, the Lord's way is the way I will do everything. 

A couple fun stories. I was doing a baptismal interview with a little girl who is 8 years old, I asked her why she wanted to be baptized and she said, "so that I can be a daughter of God." 
Yesterday we had dinner with a less active family. All the family is less active, but their 4 year old daughter, Silvia, LOVES church and begs them every week to go. As we were waiting for dinner, I was talking with her and said something about being cold. She randomly disappeared. 2 minutes later, she came back with her little blanket that she gave to me, and told me, "so you can cover up!". Awwww. I want to be like Silvia. I love the times when you can see the light of Christ shining in people, especially in children, who are so much more pure, so much more aware of needs, and so much more in tune with the Lord's way than we are. 

Ah, I have been so humbled this week by so many things. I have so many weaknesses and am so imperfect, but I am learning that if we do everything in the Lord's way, and beg for His grace, it will always come. I know His grace is so real. I feel it everyday. Christ is everything. 

I love you all so much! Find someone who is cold and bring them a blanket this week! 


Elder Tenney

fotos: It is getting cold, so I am all geared up with my winter gear! 

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