Tuesday, April 29, 2014

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Monday, April 28, 2014


This week was great. I am so grateful to be with Elder Pirez. He is excited to work and that is the greatest thing in a companion. We worked really hard this week. Even though we still dont really know the area or the members, we have been blessed with miracles! 

This week we had our first zone meeting. It went really well. We have a lot to improve in the zone so it was great to get started. Afterwards, we watched the priesthood session of General Conference that we never got to see. Ahh! It was so good! I loved all of it, but especially President Uchtdorf's talk! Never going to sleep during the Restoration! 

This week we were teaching Kathy and once again our prayers were answered! I have been praying a lot that she can feel the desire and fire again to be baptized, not just do it because she was invited to. And as we talked with her, she told us she was determined to actually do it this time. She told us, "I decided that I am doing it for sure this time. It doesn't matter what happens, I'm going to be baptized. Even if I can't stop smoking before then, I'm still going to be baptized." haha. I was so happy about her determination. Such a miracle! But we had to clarify with her that it is kind of important to stop smoking first haha. We set goals with her, gave her a blessing, and she committed to stop smoking! She wasn't able to quit in time to be baptized this week, but as of yesterday, Kathy has quit! We talked with the Bishop, and he is going to talk with her husband so that her husband can get some things in order to be able to baptize her, julieta, and Martin (their kids). It has been such a miracle to see the Lord work in them, to see them have the desire to read the Book of Mormon, and see the enthusiasm in them grow. So they are all going to be baptized this week! :) 

On Saturday night, we were sitting in Stake conference, when my companion leaned over and told me, "I can't breathe..." and he had sharp pains in his heart. We walked outside the chapel, I called another Elder over and we gave him a blessing. I had thought that my companion said, "can you give me a blessing?" Afterwards, a nurse from the stake checked out to see what was wrong and told us we should go to the hospital. I was on the phone with Sister Ayre, talking to her in English, asking questions to the nurse in spanish, all while trying to remember all the medical terms in Spanish I never use haha, and not to mention my companion was sitting there, not being able to breath. So it was kind of an intense stressful situation. An angel member drove us to the hospital, they took some tests, gave him some medicine, and he is fine now, which is a miracle. But afterwards, Elder Pirez told me thanks for the blessing, and ends up he didn't say anything about giving him a blessing, like I thought he had said. I am confident that thanks to the blessing and his faith, he is okay. And we made it to the hospital in time. So my inability to understand the whispers of a urugayan's slurred spanish was a miracle. I know it was inspired by the spirit. Miracles are everywhereeee!!!!!!!

I love this work. We are praying hard and working hard and praying hard some more. And we are seeing miracles. A woman named Mariana just walked into the church on Sunday, because she felt like it was calling her. She came with us to conference, loved it, loves how friendly all the members are, we taught her on the bus, and now she is going to be baptized. So basically I am left amazed every week at all the Lord does. This is His work. These are His children. I am soooo blessed to be a witness to His miracles. 

Everyone have a great week! What miracles has the Lord done in your day? Love you all!


Elder Heath Tenney

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