Sunday, April 13, 2014

Off to Garin. April 7th letter.

Hola Familia!
Heath Tenney  On:Apr 04/07/14 10:47 AM

Oh, 1st of all, please do NOT send any packages. There have been tons of problems with the packages and basically none of them have been arriving. But letters are still all good :)

This week was a roller coaster, we saw many miracles. I LOVED General Conference. Ah, it was so good. We didn't get to watch Priesthood session because it started at 9 here, but I think we will watch it at some point this week. 
We worked really hard to prepare Jessica for her baptism. Seeing her progress has been incredible. At first, she didnt even listen to us. She respected us, but viewed it all as unimportant and preferred her life in the world. But the young single adults in our ward are incredible. They invited her to several activities that she went to and loved. She realized how happy they were and clean. So she listened and told us she wants to be baptized. Just 2 weeks earlier she was fighting with her family, didnt help them with anything (especially her single mother). But this last week, she got a job to help her mother, started helping her with things in the house, and is reading the Book of Mormon everyday. The atonement is SO real! In her interview, the Elder that did the interview was asking her about the word of wisdom, and she said it means we shouldn't do anything to damage our body, so she paused, thought for a second, and took out her lip piercing, without the Elder saying anything. She is so ready. The spirit completely changed her. It fills me with so much joy to be able to see those changes. 
Later we have Walter, who we found the other week. The young single adults (AGAIN!) just completely took him in and encouraged him. Brought him with them to the temple and to dances. The only think that kept him from being baptized was smoking. We gave him a blessing, set goals, and the next day he went to the temple grounds with the young single adults. In 4 days, after smoking for 10 years, Walter went from smoking 20 every day to NOTHING. Ah, it is so incredible to see the atonement completely take over someones life.
After talking with Walter and Jessica and seeing the miracles in their lives, I was filled with so much joy. We went home, and to add to my joy, I was making a smoothie. Suddenly, the phone rang, and President was calling. I answered, he told me that he needed to make some changes, and felt guided that I need to go to Garin. I was in shock. So I packed my bags, and in the morning I left to Garin, to serve as a Zone Leader there. It was so hard to leave Soldati. I love that area and those people so so much. And sadly I missed the baptism of Jessica, but the important part is that it happened. But, I am so happy to be here in Garin. I completely trust in the Lord and in what He needs me to do. 
My companion's name is Elder Stewart, from Chicago. He goes home in 2 weeks. So basically, I need to learn everything super quick haha. But I am so excited to learn and be ready for then. 
General Conference was so so good! I love it because it always hits me how real all of this is. That this really is the church of Jesus Christ himself. He really lives and is guiding this church. Thomas S Monson really is a prophet of God. I know these things are true. I love the Gospel so much. I know that Jesus Christ truly lives and is blessing us with miracles in His work, if we just have the faith and the eyes to see them! 
Everyone have an amazing week! Watch General Conference again for me. I am jealous that you can do that. I love you all so much!
Elder Heath Tenney

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