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mejor que disneylandia March 31st letter

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Hola mi familia!
I am jealous that you got to watch the general women`s broadcast, that sounds like it was so great. I am SO SO excited for general conference this weekend. Ah, it is so incredible. It is amazing in missionary work too because we can say, "we know there is a prophet of God here today! Come and listen to Him with us!" It is so simple, we can just invite people to come and listen and decide for themselves if these are the prophets of God because we know that they will feel it if they just come! These times are SO incredible. We are so so blessed to be here in this time. 

This week in Soldati has been crazy.There are some crazy and bad things happening, which is sad. But it also is the evidence that these are the times of which prophets have testified! Every day is an adventure here, I love it.
This week the familia A (beginning initial since this is public - by Heath's mom) was having problems. They were all fighting and arguing, then just when things were at their worst, we showed up. The moment when we arrived we could feel the tension in the house. We sat down and it was silent, no one was talking nor smiling. After a minute of silence, I asked what had happened, Ana, the mother, exloded into tears telling us of all her stress in the family; how the kids are always fighting and no one ever helps her with anything. It was another one of those moments where I feel so inadequate, when I think to myself, "I am just a 19 year old kid. How can I help these people?" But the spirit never guides us to think about ourselves when there is someone in need, so I pushed that to the side, and prayed. Jared, the member with us who is preparing for his mission calmed everyone down by sharing his testimony and telling them every family has problems. We then shared with them 2 nephi 4. When Lehi died, and Nephi didnt have the support of his family, and was feeling alone. Later, we talked with the daughter who was part of the cause, and we set goals with her and talked with her about what Christ wants for her and her family. She committed to do better and change to prepare for her baptism. Later that night we called to see how everything was going, and they said they fixed everything. They were all out on a walk together, laughing and happy. Ah, it brought so much peace to hear them happy. That experience is just another testimony of one of the greatest lessons I have learned here: It doesn't matter who we are or what weaknesses we have, what matters is The Savior, because He is the one who fixes problems. He is the one who heals broken wounds and heals the broken family. We just have to make ourselves worthy, submit ourselves to him, then watch the miracles that He performs and stand all amazed.
We also had a meeting for trainers and new missionaries this week. It reminded me of that meeting I went to 1 year ago in Ohio, when I was the new missionary. It brought back many great memories. It filled me with a desire to be even more like the missionary I want to be. It is surreal that it was a year ago that I was just starting off. I am filled with indescribable gratitude for this time. It goes by so fast, it is like a roller coaster, the best roller coaster ever. Even better than space mountain in Disneyland...but with more light...and your neck doesn't hurt as much afterwards. But really, ah, I love this time SO much. After the meeting I was filled with so much fire and was talking with people on the train, taking every opportunity I could to help someone feel the love of God and testify of Jesus Christ. I felt the spirit so much. Sometimes, I justify not talking to someone because we only have 2 minutes before we get off the train, but the Savior wouldn't think that way, he would think, "what can I do in 2 minutes to bless this persons life?" and if I just think like that, the spirit will always be with me to help them. 

Things are great here. We have several super great guys who are preparing to serve missions who just inspire me. They go with one of the 4 companionships of Soldati almost every day, they always share their testimonies, talk with everyonw, and are filled with such a desire to just help our investigators. One Young man, even set up a time to go teach (on his own) to one of our investigators who we had to leave behind. It is incredible. I don't know if any young men read these, but if there are any, be like these young men. Don't just prepare for your mission, be a missionary. Be the missionary you want to become right now! If you do, you will start of day 1 being in love with your mission.

Soldati is amazing. It is still really hard, but we have been seeing so many miracles through following the direction that Heavenly Father gives us. This work is His. I know that Christ lives! I am so excited to hear what He has to tell us through His servants this week!
I love you all so much! Have a great week!
Con mucho amor,
Elder Heath Tenney

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