Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Future is Always Bright in the Lord's Work.

March 17, 2014


It is so good to hear everything is going well at home. The mission readiness conference sounds like it was amazing. That is the coolest activity ever. I'm glad Garrett is all moved in and still has his fingers. I love hearing from you all.
This week was so great, like every week. I love Soldati so so much. A lot of the members here remembered me and it is just so good to be with these people who I love so much. This ward is so amazing. It's unlike any ward I've ever been in. They have so much fire and love for the gospel and are anxious to share it. They really think the missionaries are angels. We have lunch every single day with members (all 8 missionaries always have lunch). When they come with us to lessons, they are ready to bear their testimonies, and they are so powerful. I am always left amazed at the end of the day at the faith of these members. They truly inspire me to be better and work harder.
I am loving the work. It is a challenge because Elder Puzey only has 6 weeks here (in Soldati and Argentina) so he still isnt familiar with the area. We also have 1 family of investigators, but no one else. So we had to basically start over. So we have been mapping out our area, meeting the members who live in our area, and trying to get things going. At the end of the 1st few days, we made very little progress, still had no investigators, and were super tired; but still every night I can barely get to sleep because I am so filled with love for this work and fire because I KNOW this is the work of Jesus Christ. It isn't mine. So even though we couldn't see much light, I was filled with joy because the future is always bright when we are in the work of the Lord. I know that He will do His work through us if we have the faith that He will. 
On Friday, it rained a ton. We were walking through the rain, completely soaked, cold, but ah, I was so happy. I love being happy in the freezing cold rain, partially because I think Satan gets super mad, but also because every person we pass is wondering why I am smiling and happy, so they always listen. We were walking and a man said something to us from inside this huge garage. I turned around and started to talk with him, he invited us in the garage and there were a bunch of people there working. The guy left, but said "here, talk to them." haha. They didn't seem to have much interest, but they had pity on us. We talked about who we are and what we are doing here, and then I asked these 2 women, the only 2 still listening, if they belived in Jesus Christ. Hesitantly, they both responded, "ehh...kind of...". They believed but felt they had never received His help. I gave them a pass along card of Christ, and testified of Him, of His reality, of His atonement, and most of all of His love. I told them that Christ really can help them, and He sent us here to help you know how to receive His help. The countenance of these 2 women, who at first jokingly showed interest, completely changed and they wanted to come unto Christ.  I love to testify of Christ.  It isn't just my calling, responsibility, or something I like to do. It really is my joy.  There is nothing greater. 
We spent all week working with Janet, a 10 year old daughter of a recent convert, preparing her for her baptism. The Lord completely answered our prayers and guided people to that house who are ready to receive the gospel. We met this week Deborah and Fernando, who are SO prepared. They aren't married, but when we told them it was a commandment of God, Deborah completely wanted to be married. She told us she was already baptized, and I was explaining to her about the authority, and she pauses me before I could finish, "Oh! So my pastor didn't even have that authority!" Woah. I was amazed. I am so excited for them. She gave the prayer at the baptism of Janet and everyone thought she was a member. Ah. They are amazing. 
I am so grateful to be here. I cannot even explain how grateful I am. Every night I thank Heavenly Father, almost to the point of tears, for the sacred opportunity to serve here. I love this work. I love the Lord. I know He lives and loves us so much! There is no reason to fear or doubt if we are walking with Him. 

I love you all so much! Have the greatest week ever!


Elder Heath Tenney

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