Thursday, March 20, 2014

From Benavidez to Villa Soldati; March 11, 2014

Mar 03/11/14 11:59 AM

Hey family and friends!
This last week was a great last week in Benavidez. I'm so excited to tell you where I got transferred, but I know if I tell you now I will forget to write about everything else...

This week we talked with Mabel and reviewed everything with her. She remembered EVERYTHING! It was so wonderful because before, the first time we prepared her for baptism, she would forget after that day. But we began to teach her differenty, slower, and more simple. In her way. And it was incredible how much it stuck. So she was already for her baptism. The baptism on Saturday was so great. We planned everything really specifically and everything went great. She was even happier the 2nd time. 
Omar, sadly was not baptized on Saturday. He was super overwhelmed with everything and didnt feel he could give up smoking at this time. It was sad to see, but he knows it is what he needs to do, so one day I know I will receive a message from him telling me he was baptized.
I am trying to think of what else happened this week, but I am so tired so I cant really remember much. My time in Benavidez has been so incredible. I saw so many miracles there and so many lives that the Savior changed. A general authority who was visiting her counseled us, "Bring the investigators to the Savior, not to you." I remembered that when I was saying goodbye to Emanuel and Estela. They were sad to say goodbye, but at the same time, they were okay, because they know they can do it on their own. They are on fire spiritually. It was such a miracle to see them change throughout my time there. 
Ever since my amazing first week in Argentina, when I was in Villa Soldati, I have wanted to go back so bad. I loved it so much. So during the week, Elder Goyeneche and I were making jokes about being transferred to Soldati. haha. We had a great last family night with Familia Alania (the family where I skyped home), then we ran home and anxiously awaited the call. The xone leaders called, and said, "Elder Tenney, you are going to Villa Soldati!" I thought they were joking, so I didn't react, and I asked them, "Okay, where am I really going?" and they responded that I was really going to Villa Soldati! Ahh. I was sooo happy. and now I am soo happy and excited to be here in Villa Soldati. I am also training again, well finishing training. My new companions name is Elder Puzey. He is great. He has 6 weeks in the mission. Even in the several hours we have had together, I have been so impressed by his genuine humility. I am so excited to be with him. He is 24 and already graduated from BYU Hawaii, he was studying to take the tests to go to graduate school, but then decided to serve a mission. He is great. It is kind of weird however to be training someone who is older than Kirsten and Weston. haha.
So life is so great. I am SO excited to be in Villa Soldati. I'm sorry I don't have any cool stories to share this week, but I will surely have more next week! I love you all so much. I know that the Savior lives. If we just remember that in every moment, every moment will be a blessing. I love this work!

Elder Heath Tenney  

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