Friday, April 5, 2013

Todo esta feliz!

From: "Heath Tenney" 

Sent: Friday, April 5, 2013 9:55:19 AM
Subject: Todo esta feliz!

Hola Familia! 
APRIL 5th! Today is the birthday of the greatest man I know. I am so grateful for my dad and all that he has taught me and continues to teach me. I hope I can be like him one day! I am so blessed to have him as a father. You look great for 36! Love you Dad!
Also, welcome home to Elder Suzuki! It is hard to hear about one of my dearest friends coming home after two years, knowing that I still won't be able to see him for another two years. But there is no place I'd rather be. I am so grateful for Naoto, he has done so much for me.
Funny story, So I hosted again this week, helping out new missionaries when they get dropped off by their families. And it was so fun to see the Sauders and Amy M. when they dropped off Brianna! Anyways, there was one car where a sister got out, and she was taking pictures with an older lady, and I asked the man with them "So is this your granddaughter?" dumb question..... He then said "No! This is my niece! I'm not that old!" hahaha. That was a good learning experience. From now on when I host I'm just going to say "They will take great care of your sister here!".
Greeting Sister Sauder from Indy.  

There were lots of opportunities for us to grow as a district this week, to say the least. 
But first of all. Some of my best friends in our zone left this week for Mexico and Arizona. Before they left, I had the opportunity to be taught by them. As we were sitting in a classroom together and they were teaching me in broken spanish, their spanish wasn't very good, but the spirit was so strong. I just felt their power and spirits. I could feel that they were messengers of God. It reinforced my testimony that it doesn't matter if we cannot speak the language that well, because this is God's work and He will touch the hearts of those whom we are guided to. Those Elders are going to be so great. 
These are probably the race t-shirts a parent sent, mentioned a few weeks ago.  

I am ashamed that I failed to say nothing about Christ last week on good Friday. I don't even remember what day of the week it is most days, so I completely forgot it was good Friday. But Easter was amazing. We had a big sacrament meeting with all the missionaries in the MTC and we all took the sacrament. Bishop Causee of the General Bishopbric of the church was there. And his talk was awesome. It was definitely an experience I will always remember. But words can't describe how grateful I am for Christ. He really is the life and light of the world. I would be lost without Him. I know Christ lives and is an active part of each of our lives.
So we had a lot of trials this week as a district. We found out that Hermana C., a sister in our district, will have to go home for a while because of Health problems and it has been really hard. And it is also physically painful for her. It has been really hard watching her suffer physically and emotionally and feeling like there is nothing we can do. We can give words of comfort and tell her we love her, but there is nothing we can do to really make it better. But I have faith in Heavenly Father's plan. I know He will never lead her or any of us to unhappiness. 
This week we walked into the travel office to get our reassignments, (Wooohoo!) It was nerve wracking, like a second mission call. But I walk into the travel office, wait in a long line, get to the front, tell her my name. Then she looks for a minute on the list. My hands were shaking because for some reason I was super nervous. But then she says "hmm you're not on the list." Then we found out that missionaries who are going to Argentina will be getting their reassignment NEXT week, so we get to learn in the MTC for another week! haha So we will most likely be leaving a week from this next monday or tuesday. This was really hard for some elders in the district. But really, if it is happening, there is something Heavenly Father wants us to learn and become during this extra week in the MTC, so it's exciting to know we can learn even more in another week. 
Oh so last week after I wrote you, I got a paper telling me that we would be meeting with the Argentine consul  next week! Yay! So we will be meeting with them next tuesday in Salt Lake! So that means I will probably be reassigned somewhere outside of Utah since I won't need to be close to Salt Lake.
I also wanted to say I'm sorry to all those who have written me in the past 3-4 weeks. Every P-day is crazy and I haven't had any time to write. So I am really sorry if I havent written you back. I really love and appreciate all the letters and love. 
We also had in field orientation this week, and it made me so excited to get out there in the mission field! 
I am doing so well here. I really wake up every day feeling so happy. Nothing seems to be significant enough to make me sad or disappointed, there are so many reasons to be happy. I love this work so much! I am so blessed to be here!
I love you all!

Elder Tenney

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