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REAL last week in the MTC and Reassignment D&C 39:14

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Subject: REAL last week in the MTC and Reassignment D&C 39:14

 Look up D&C 39:14!
First of all, Happy Birthday to the greatest Mom in the world! Really, I am soooo blessed to have the most amazing parents. My mom is incredible. She even inspires people she doesn't even know. In my district all of the sisters said that they want to be like Elder Tenney's mom from hearing about the kind letter you sent to Hermana Crawley and all the things I've said about you. Thank you for all you continually do for me and teach me. I'm blessed to have an angel for my mother and one of my my best friends. Te amo madre!  
It sounds like you are having so much fun in Aruba! I am so happy for you and Dad. You deserve it. Are you going to go to church there? Because one of my teachers, Hermano Hansen, his parents live in Aruba and he said he would tell them to look out for you if you are going.
And also thank you so much for the kind letters and packages. I feel so bad that I don't have time to write everyone back because I have to pack today. But they mean so much. So thank you to every one of you. Oh and I also got incredible cookies this week from the Ereksons. So thank you so much for those!
Thank you Sis. Crawley for sending these pictures!

So now mission reassignment! We went into the travel office and once again the kind lady working there looked up and down the list for my name...still loooking. I was beginning to get worried again. haha But luckily this time I was actually on the list. She told me I would be leaving on Monday to go to Cleveland, Ohio! Woohoo! I am SO excited! I will probably be there for 6 weeks or so before my Visa comes, then I will head to Argentina. There are spanish speaking missionaries in Cleveland, so I'm hoping I get to go somewhere where I can use spanish a lot. A few of the elders who really reached out to us and were super nice to us during our first week are serving in Cleveland! So that will be cool to see them. The mission boundaries go into Indiana a tiny bit haha. So I could be like 2 hours from home. So that's weird, but I am so excited to get out there and serve the people of Cleveland! It also goes a little bit into Pennsylvania. So it pretty much covers the whole top part of Ohio. So exciting. Oh and I think I might be able to call you on Monday morning. So we'll see.
The other elders in my district got called to Cleveland too! Except for Elder Decker who is going to Washington. Some of my other friends who are going to Buenos Aires, like Elder Engebretsen, are serving in LA!
General Conference was INCREDIBLE! (General Conference is a big conference that is held every 6 months, where living apostles and prophets speak to the world. You can find talks from it at Beforehand, I had been thinking a lot about what questions I could ask or what answers I wanted to receivbe through General Conference. And I came up with a lot that I knew would really help me. And every single question was answered in General Conference. Miracles are so real. I felt so uplifted and encouraged. I know that the men and women who spoke at General conference really are inspired of God. And I know that any person can receive answers to the questions they have in life through listening to living prophets and apostles of God today! It really was such an answer to prayers.
In the 1st session there were so many powerful talks. They addressed serious problems in today's society by testifying of truth. I loved Sister Elaine Dalton's talk about the divine nature of a woman. If the world understood this, it would be transformed. There was also a lot about the divine role of families. It was awesome to hear. And it was powerful. I love General Conference. It really is just like hearing God speak to us.
We went this week to Salt Lake to meet with the Argentine Consul. Everything went well. All I did was sign my name and tell the consul thank you. Then I walked around with my companion while we waited for everyone else to finish. I got to sit by Elder Engebretsen for a while, who is a good family friend. It was really fun to catch up with him and talk about all the memories we had of having fun when we were younger.
When we found out last week that we would be here an extra week, we were all a little disappointed. But I was excited to see the reasons why we would be here longer. And I really have seen so many reasons why we were here for longer, and I am so grateful. First of all, I have discovered so many weaknesses I have in teaching, contacting, and other things. I have tried to work on these a lot and I feel like I am getting better. This was super humbling. But I am SO grateful for it because it has helped me prepare even more. We have been trying to speak only spanish this week and my spanish has gotten a lot better too. There are a lot of other reasons, some that I probably do not even realize. But I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us. And we have to just trust in Him and His purposes. He loves us more than we could ever imagine and He is always going to give us the opportunities that are best for us.
I'm sorry this e mail is kind of lame. I don't have very many cool stories that I haven't told. Our lessons are awesome. We are getting better and better. The biggest thing I have learned here in the MTC is that everything is about the person you are teaching. My focus and my heart should be invested in them. And I cannot ever focus on myself. I am so excited and a little nervous, but mostly excited to share this with the world. I just want to help others feel how much the Savior loves them. The MTC has been amazing. It is a set apart place where we can learn. And there is SO much divine help in that learning. I really have learned so much. My perspective and feelings about missionary work have been completely transformed, I think I, myself have been completely transformed. I love this work. I am a little scared, but I know that Heavenly Father will be with me and I have no reason to fear. There is so much power in knowing we are children of God and in knowing how much He loves us.
Time to do work! I love you all so much! Thank you so much for all of the prayers and kind letters!
"...Thou art called to go unto the Ohio." D&C 39:14
Con Mucho Amor,
Elder Tenney

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