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Subject: 11 DAYS! WHAT?!

Familia! Que tal?
Casi estoy terminado con mi tiempo en la CCM! 
Mi espanol esta mejorando cada dia! Y Estoy muy emocionado para salir a Argentina! 
This week was once again filled with so much learning. So much. Oh it snowed last week on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Then it got really nice again for the rest of the week...Utah weather is weird.
First of all I wanted to apologize to those who read this who aren't really familiar with missionary or LDS gerund that I use
. I will try to explain it more for those who might be confused. 
I leave in 11 days! Time has gone by SO fast. Some of my best friends from the MTC from my zone leave on Monday and it is hard to see them go. They really have grown to be some of my best friends, but I know they are doing a great work as they leave (some to Mexico and 2 to Arizona).

But last week on friday, I was kind of sick, but it got really bad that day. I thought it would just get better after a day or so, but when it got to tuesday and it was getting worse, I decided to go to the doctor. The doctor said "I'm not sure what it is, but we can try this antibiotic." So that wasn't exactly comforting. But I got a priesthood blessing (  that afternoon, and after that point I started to feel better. I also started taking the antibiotics that night which I'm sure helped me to recover too. But I really learned a lot during the time I was sick. It made me realize what a blessing full health is. Heavenly Father doesn't just bless me with full health to be nice, I think he does it so I can serve others effectively. And this just made me realize that I can do so much with full health. So I am determined to use the energy I've been blessed with better to serve! I also realized a lot of things that I need to do better to live up to my calling as a representative of the Savior. The Savior wasn't just good in terms of staying away from wickedness, but he ministered and lifted others up. So that is another thing I am working on. 
So last night we had another lesson with Adrian that didn't go perfectly or as we planned. This time I wasn't upset or bitter, I was just a little bit disappointed and regretful. As I sat there, randomly, this sudden feeling of joy just came over me. I realized "I am on a mission to serve the Savior and be a tool to help Him bring His children home." and I was just so happy. As my companions and I sat in this empty room to debrief about our lesson, I started laughing and smiling so much. I said to them "I am so happy!" and I'm sure at this point they were wondering what was wrong with me when I just started laughing to myself in a silent room. But I realized how incredibly happy I am to be here. and nothing should get in the way of my happiness otherwise I won't be able to be as effective as I need to be. So my companions may have been kind of weirded out, but I felt so happy.
Oh this week I hosted missionaries! The hosts are the missionaries who stand at the side of the curb when new missionaries are getting dropped off, then they take their bags and walk with them to show them where to go and get what all they need. I loved it! It was SO much fun! I loved being able to just tell them how incredible the MTC is and how much they are going to love it! This week there were over 700 new missionaries who came in, and about 60 percent of them were Sisters! It was so crazy! I hosted 6 people and 5 of them were sisters! It was fun to be able to welcome so many new missionaries to the MTC! It's weird that I have been here so long.
Well, I don't really have too much more to share. Lets see, I will find out where I am getting reassigned next week. So I can tell you all in next week's e mail. 
I feel so much joy and love every single day here. I'm so blessed to be able to love and serve God's children. I love you all so much! Have an awesome and happy week!

Oh yeah, and since this is my last week, if you send a letter and it won't get here by this friday, I wouldn't send it because I wont get it. We don't get mail on Saturdays.  You can wait to send it to my new address which hopefully I can give to you all next friday! 


Elder Heath Tenney

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