Monday, February 10, 2014

Priesthood Power

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From: "Heath Tenney"  
Sent: Monday, February 10, 2014 2:21:31 PM
Mission Temple Day, Monday Feb. 10, 2014

Subject: Priesthood Power!

Hey Family and Friends!

Sorry this is later than normal and I don't have much time. Today we
went to the temple!!! It was SO amazing. I had missed the temple so
much. It really was one of the sweetest experiences of my life to go
there as a mission and hear everything in Spanish, receive revelation
for our investigators, and just feel how much Heavenly Father loves me
and His children here. Towards the end of the session, I paused, and
thought "This really is my favorite place in the whole world." The
temple really is the house of God. I am so grateful for that sacred

There were so many amazing things that happened this week as always. I
hardly had time to write in my Journal this week because we had to
update so many records at the end of each day, but here are several

We had another lesson with the family R (family from last week). The
whole family was ready, reverently sitting at the table waiting for us
when we arrived. The father asked if we could give a blessing to the
children and to the house, because ever since they started praying and
having us over, there has been strange things happening and more
darkness in the house. We read with them the story of Joseph Smith,
and noted how he was overcome with darkness just before he had the 1st
vision, and Satan always comes right before we have big spiritual
changes or experiences. At the end of the lesson, we gave a blessing
to all 4 of his children, 1 by 1. It was such a sweet experience. I
felt probably somewhat like the Savior felt when He blessed all the
children. It was such a privilege. The whole family said they felt
better after the blessings and the house was filled with the spirit.
Ah, the priesthood is real!

Later, we had a powerful lesson with Omar once again. We talked with
him about quitting smoking. He insisted that he could never do it, but
we reminded him of the atonement of Jesus Christ, and what He did for
him. He had a glimpse of hope... at the end of the lesson we gave him
a blessing. It was so guided by the spirit. As we left, he said to us
with tears in his eyes, "You are going to pass by later today, and I
will say, 'In the name of Jesus, I will not smoke a cigarette!' I am
not going to do it!"

Then we also have Teresa who has her baptismal date for this Sunday.
She has so much faith. We gave her a blessing and she hasn't smoked
all of today! So we are praying she can keep it up!
There have been so many miracles here is Benavidez! I am so privilege
to be here and to bless the lives of others with the sacred priesthood
which God has blessed us with. I am so humbled and grateful to be a
servant of Christ with His power and authority. This really is His
Church with his authority! I love my life. Christ lives!

Have a wonderful week! Sorry this didn't have much detail! I love you
all so much!


Elder Heath Tenney

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