Monday, July 22, 2013

This Joy Can't Be Taken

Elder Heath Tenney
1810 Winston Dr.
St. Marys, OH 45885

Hey family!

It is really sad to hear about Daisy. She was such a good dog. I will miss her.

This week was a hard week, I say that every week haha. The more I get into this, the harder it gets, yet the more joy I feel in every moment.

On Monday evening, we went and cut down a tree for an older couple. I got to use a chainsaw, so that added some excitement into my week. I love being able to serve so much. It's great.
Then on Tuesday, we stopped by the house of a few of our friends who want to learn more about the Church, Jim and Joyce. They are in their 50's and have several grown kids. Jim and Joyce both love to talk, so it is hard to keep them in the same conversation because they will just keep on interrupting each other haha. It was funny. But so then Joyce just decided she would talk to me, and Jim decided he would talk to Elder Mitchell. So they both got to talk. In talking with Joyce, I asked her when she has felt peace in her life. She told me of several experiences when she has prayed and felt overwhelming peace. She said, "But then it just wears off after a while" she went on telling me other stories. But later on I asked her what it would mean to her to have that peace more in her life, she said "that would mean everything. Oh, I would love that." I promised her that she could and that we want to share with her how she can have that. So we are going back this week.

Later that night we went to visit a less active man, we came to find out he lives in the middle of nowhere and was evicted from his house which was down this long driveway in farmland, but it was an adventure. I saw a wild peacock! that was cool. I did my pterodactyl cry to it, then it started squacking and freaking out. I felt so cool.

Wednesday, we got up to run to K-mart for our work out because we needed a bike pump. Then Elder Mitchell walks in and says "I don't feel too well. I don't think I can go out today." So he was sick for the day, which means I got a lot of study time. I studied for SO long. Literally all day. I have a slight feel for what Weston felt like studying for the MCAT. But it was really good. I was able to go through the area book and look through all the records and make some phone calls and become more familiar with the area. I also went through and set some goals for what we can accomplish here. So it was a revelatory day, but a very long revelatory day. I was really really excited to just get out and work the next day.
Then the next day comes, we did our weekly planning which took way longer than it should have, then we had to go to the library to take a mission survey, then finally we are able to go out after everything at like 5:30. We were on bikes because we are low on miles, but then I'm riding down the road and I hear this loud noise that sounded like a gun shot...but it was accompanied with my front tire losing all it's air. so, my tire exploded haha. I got off my bike and wanted to be angry but I just couldn't. So I just laughed. Satan just didn't want us to work, or Heavenly Father just really needs me to learn patience...probably both. So then we got a member to come pick us up, we went home, then finally we got to teach one person that night so that was a blessing. At the end of the day I felt this conflicting feeling of wanting to be upset that we haven't been able to work the past 2 days, and this strange, indecribable internal joy. My mind just kept on saying, "I should be upset, we haven't done anything in 2 days." And I kind of wanted to be upset, but there is this internal joy that just can't be overpowered. This joy that I pray for every night, this joy of serving Jesus Christ. So I couldn't be upset, because this joy just overpowered that. It really is a miracle, the joy that becomes a part of us as we serve Him.

FInally on friday we got to work. All day. It felt SO good. It made me realize how much I love to work. Good, honest work. We went out on our bikes and we stopped by some people's houses. I loved being able to bike through the farm land here, it is so beautiful. Biking is the best. But those 2 days of not being able to work showed me how much I love to work. Before my mission, I could work hard, and I was okay with it, but now I just love it. I do not like when I can't work. The joy and fulfillment that is felt as we give everything to just work is indescribable. I love work. It really is joy.

It would be nice if I could write home and say that we are having trouble finding time for everyone to be baptized, or telling you about more teaching opportunities, but that's not Heaven's will yet. But one thing you can be sure of is that I am working as hard as I can here. I am giving everything I am to bring forth the Lord's purposes here, and I will not stop. I will work so hard. So I just want you to know that although there are lots of things to change, I'm doing my best. And doing my best for Christ is what gives me that inner joy. That joy that really can't be taken. I know He really is the way to true joy. This is all about Him.
Sorry my emails are so long. I will try to make them shorter. I love you all so much! You are in my prayers! Thank you for all you do!
Elder Heath Tenney

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