Monday, July 15, 2013

St. Marys, Ohio

Elder Heath Tenney
1810 Winston Dr.
St. Marys, OH 45885

Hey family!
It was good to hear about girls camp and how well that went! I was praying for Mom and Court all week.
So I was transferred, it was a crazy day at transferrs. But I was transferred to St. Marys, Ohio. This area is literally as close as I can possibly be to home haha. My area is on the Indiana border. It is so weird being so close. There are signs on the highway right next to our apartment that say "Fort Wayne Indiana: 50 miles". I think I'm a little under 2 hours from home. It is super weird.
Oh and before I forget, my new address is:
1810 Winston Dr.
St. Marys, OH 45885
But before I get to that, lets back up a few days. On Wednesday, we rode through the craziest weather I have ever been in (on a bike). It almost blew me off my bike. It was so awesome. I was just laughing and smiling so much haha. It was awesome.

 That evening, we had our last lesson with the Ps. It was great. I talked with them about God's love, how he truly loves them individually. I asked them how they have seen God's love in their life, Lucy said that she felt God's love through me being sent there. I told her how knew that Heavenly Father had sent me there to bring them His truth, to bring them the Book of Mormon. I told them I wouldn't always be there to teach them, but this book always is there to bring them closer to God and teach them, and I know it is true. When I told Lucy that I would be leaving, she began to cry, and said "No nos ovlide. No nos ovlide." - "do not forget us. Do not forget us." I assured her I wouldn't ever forget about them. I pleaded with her to please read the Book of Mormon everyday, because if she does then miracles will happen in her life. That was all I really could do. Just share my testimony because I'm not sure how much more they can be taught at this time after I leave. She then said with tears in her eyes, "You brought this book to me. You brought me this miracle. It is because of you that I know this is true and I know this is the right religion. You have brought me this book, and I can feel it changing my life... I know you were sent here from God." I can't even explain the love and spirit that I felt for them. I then started to cry as Lucy in between her sobs said "Gracias a Dios...Gracios a Dios" --"thank you to God, thank you to God for this boy." I love that family so much. I am amazed at that love that I felt, that I still feel for them. It was heartbreaking to leave them, but I have faith that Heavenly Father will guide them again to the truth.

So leaving Warren was hard. I love the people there so much and I will miss them. Transfers. Transfers was great. I found out I would be serving in St. Marys. a 4 and a half hour drive from Kirtland, where we were. So we said our goodbyes then headed out. The more I heard about St. Marys, I really felt the Lord has a great work to be done there. I was studying in Jacob 5 the day before transfers and I really received inspiration for what the Lord wants from me. I loved how when the Lord planted the tree in the poor spot of ground, the servant was kind of confused. The Lord then said "counsel me not". Then a little later the tree brought forth much natural fruit. This taught me that there is no such thing as a "poor spot of ground" when we are laboring with the Lord. It doesn't matter where he sends me or what this new area may appear to me, this is the Lord's work and He is the one who nourishes the fruit, so there is no such place as a "poor spot of ground" here. I decided that I wanted to have this attitude in the new area I go to, I had no idea what area it was at that point; But I decided that I was going to view this new area in the way it can become through the Lord's nourishment. I wrote out goals of how hard I want to work to fulfill what the Lord wants for this new area I would be going to, and determined that we will see miracles. Then when I found out I was going to St. Marys and I heard more about the area, I knew exactly what the Lord wants for this area. Last week before I got here there was 1 lesson taught total. So it is kind of slow as of right now, but I really know that miracles are about to happen in the Saint Marys branch. I am so excited to be a part of it.
My new companion is Elder Mitchell. He is from Herriman, Utah. He came out with me. We have a car sadly, which means I will probably be gaining weight soon. Elder Mitchell is a great missionary. He has a great heart. St Marys is a super Catholic city. The sign that says "welcome" doesn't say "St Marys welcomes you" it says "The churches of St Marys welcome you" haha. So the people here are so nice. Really good people. They just aren't very open to other religions...yet. I really know that this area is going to get better. We will work so hard to change this area.
I wish I had more time to tell you about the other great experiences we have had and the great people.
I hope everyone is doing really well and loving life! I am so excited to be here in St. Marys. I know the Lord has great plans for this place. I love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Heath Tenney
P.S. and I still have 0 idea when I will get my Visa. haha. So every week is an adventure. Oh and there is a Sister Tenney in the branch here. It was so weird hearing her name come up so much in branch council, Mom just came to mind every time.

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