Sunday, May 12, 2013

There's no such thing as a small miracle.

Heath's email time is limited.  He would love hearing from everyone by snail mail, while he's in the U.S., and pouch mail once he's in Argentina.  We'll pass that info. on whenever his visa comes through, but for now, his address is, followed by his letter from Monday:  

Elder Heath Tenney 
2922 Dunstan Dr., N.W.
Warren, OH 44486

Hola Familia!
First of all, Happy Birthday to my brother Garrett! Garrett really is one of the most incredible people I know. I've never met anyone who can brighten my day or the day of a complete stranger just by talking and listening to them like Garrett does. He is one of my biggest idols and best friends. I am so blessed to have such an amazing brother. I love you Garrett! I hope you have a great week!
So the title. I once heard a quote from President Collins (mission president of Indianapolis) that said:
"Theres no such thing as a small miracle, every time Heaven touches earth it is a mighty miracle."
And we saw so many of those miracles this week. I decided at the beginning of the week that I really wanted to focus on, pray for, expect, and then watch the miracles that God puts into my day.
I can promise you that miracles are so real.
On Monday, we left one appointment, and my companion, Elder P said that he felt like we should stop by April's house. April had told us that she probably couldnt meet with us because she had a lot of things to do, but we went anyways. We got there and April was having such a hard day. I told you all in a letter a couple weeks ago about how April has gone through so much. And it just keeps coming. 2 of her kids live in Virginia with her ex husband and there have been a lot of problems with that and so many other hard hard things. April just vented to us for a few minutes. She told us through her tears how hard it was to not be able to see her kids, or even talk to them without having her ex husband hearing too. She doesn't even know how they are really doing because she never can talk to them without him there. It was hard not to cry hearing how hard all of these things are. But we just listened. Then we shared a few scriptures with her and talked with her. We started a fast for her together, and then we gave her a blessing. I cannot describe the feelings in that room. There was so much love. It was incredible to see her countenance change as we talked with her. She was really emotional and kind of  in a panic when we got there, but when we left, she was calm and felt more at peace. It was not because of us at all. Completely through the spirit and through the priesthood. But that's really what the Gospel does for us. It doesn't take away our problems. If that was the case, we'd never learn. But it gives us the peace to know that we can get through it, we are not alone, and everything will be okay. MIRACLE.
On Tuesday, we taught a lesson to our friend Mary. Mary has been taught by missionaries for about 3 months. She has progressed so so much. Just 3 weeks ago, her house burnt down, she lost all of her posessions and kids clothing, but she said that she was happy because she had her kids and she was safe. She has grown up with a rough backgroud. She has been smoking since the time she was 15 or 16. She has never thought of it as wrong, it was just something they did. But that is the only thing that is keeping her from being baptized. So we taught her a lesson about the Holy Ghost. We had been praying all week that she would be prepared to give up smoking and that we could have a really good lesson with her. We fasted for her. We did everything we could to prepare and pleaded with the Lord to prepare her heart. In the lesson we talked with her about how she has felt it in her life and she shared her testimony with us of how it has helped her. We ended by asking her what Heavenly Father wants her to do so that she can have the Holy Ghost more in her life. She thought about it for a minute, the room was silent, and we could feel the spirit so much. She looked up and said to us "completely quit smoking...". I promised her that just as Heavenly Father had helped her to get through the trials and hard times after her house burnt down, that Heavenly Father would strengthen her and help her to give up smoking. Then we challenged her to give it up right now. She sat there silently on the couch biting her lip, and we asked her what she was thinking. She said "I know I need to do  it." So after a few more seconds, she got up and got her cigarrettes and gave them to us. YESSSSS!!!!!!! Ahhh. Elder Payne and I were so happy. I had to hold in my cheers as we sat in her friend's house. I felt so happy for her. We got home and stomped on the cigarrettes and threw them away. It was such an awesome experience. And Mary hasn't smoked since. That was a miracle.
I'm almost out of time, but these are just a few of the miracles we saw this week. This entire week was a miracle. It was a miracle meeting Mirah, who is just looking for truth, who's parents died several years ago, and she just wants to know what happened to them. And being able to testify to her that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is what she has been searching for. It was a miracle watching Sabrina, who just a couple weeks ago told us she was athiest and that she would not pray because no one was listening. But now she is praying and earnestly seeking to find the truth, because she knows how it can bless her life. And it is a miracle that Heavenly Father uses me, despite all my faults, to serve His children. I love being a witness to Heavenly Fathers miracles. I know that they are so real. I promise if you pray for them specifically and pray to be able to see them, you will see them. And you will stand all amazed at what He does in your life.
I know that God lives. He is an active part of our life, we just have to have the spiritual eyes to see it. I know that Christ lives, and that He is the greatest miracle of all. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
I love you all so much! Have an awesome week!

Elder Heath Tenney

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